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Gotta have passion: someone in a group asked me to tell them why I hate the ocean sunfish so deleted. To perpetuate the truth and stand I care about anything else, for real. Except this big dumb idiot. And it's not like an~ironic thing, I mean it IS hilarious to me and they ARE THE BIGGEST JOKE PLAYED ON EARTH but I seriously fucking hate them. THE MOLA MOLA FISH (OR OCEAN SUNFISH) They are the worlds largest boney fish, weighing up to 5,000 pounds. And since they have very little girth, that just makes them these absolutely giant fucking dinner plates that God must have accidentally dropped while washing dishes one day and shrugged imagined this would happen. AND WITH NO PURPOSE. EVERY POUND OF THAT ISA WASTED POUND AND EVERY FOOT OF IT (10 are so completely useless that scientists even debate about how they move. They have little control other than some minor wiggling. Some say they must just push water out COULD use their back fin EXCEPT GUESS cells are being made, this piece of floating So they don't have swim bladders. You know the one thing that every fish has to make sure it doesn't just sink to the bottom of the acean when they stop moving and can stay the right side up. This creature. That can move to begin with. Can never stop its t'll fucking sink EXCEPT. EXCEPT. When they get stuck on top of the waterl Which happens frequentlyl Because without the whole swim THINNEST BUT LARGEST MOST TOPPLE ABLE FISH ON THE PLANET, shit outta luck! There is no creature on this earth that needs a swim bladder more than this spit in the face of nature, AND YET. Some scientists have speculated that when they do that, they are absorbing energy from the sun because no one fucking knows how they manage to get any real energy to begin with. So they need the sun I guess. But good news, when they end up stuck like that, it gives birds a chance to land on their goddamn island of a body and eat the bugs and parasites out of its skin because it's basically a slowly migrating cesspool. Pros be decent predators. No. No. The most dangerous thing about them is, as you may have guessed, their stupidity. They have caused the death of one person before. And in 2005 it decided to relive its mighty glory days and do it again, this time landing on a four-year-old boy. Luckily Byron sustained no They mostly only eat jellyfish because of course they do, they could only eat something that has no brain and a possibility of do eat has almost zero nutritional value and because it's so stupidly fucking big it has to eat a ton of the almost no nutritional value stuff to stay alive. Dumb. See that ridiculous n mouth? (This is actually why this is my favorite picture of one, and I have had it saved to my phone for three years) "Oh nol What could have happened! How could this bel Do not let that expression fool you, they just don't have the goddamn ability to close heir mouths because their teeth are fused together, and ya know what, it is good it floats around with such a clueless expression on its face, because it is in fact clueless as all fuck. HARDLY. No animal truly uses them asa source, but instead (which has lead us to said photo) will usually just maim the fuck out of them for kicks. Seals have been seen playing with their fins like frisbees. Probably the most fish truly is proof that God has abandoned us." Yes, thank you. "But if they're so bad at literally everything, why haven't they gone IT DOESNT REALIZE IT SHOULD NOT EXIST, IT IS SO UNAWARE OF LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING THAT IT DOESNT REALIZE THAT IT'S DOING MAYBE THE WORST FUCKING JOB OF BEING A FISH OR DEBATABLY THE WORST JOB OF BEING A CLUSTER OF CELLS THAN ANY OTHER CLUSTER OF CELLS. SO WHAT DOES IT DO? IT LAYS THE MOST EGGS OUT OF EVERYTHING. Besides some bugs, there are some ants and stuff that'll lay more. IT WILL LAY 300 MILLION EGGS AT ONE TIME, 300,000,000 IT SURVIVES BECAUSE T WOULD BE STATISTICALLY IMPROBABLE DARE I SAY IMPOSSIBLE, THAT THER WOULDNT BE AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE 300,000,000 (that is EACH time they lay eggs) LEFT SURVIVING AT THE END OF THE DAY And this cancludes why I hate the fuck out af this complete failure of evolution, the Ocean Sunfish. If I ever see one, I will throw rocks at LIVE OCEAN SUNFISH UPDATE: FISH DISCOVERED TO BE MORE DUMB THAN So the top and bottom fins kind of wiggle all of the time and they are not sure exactly why but think it's stabilization. BUT they can jump by turning on their side and using them as wing type things. It is suspected they do this bodies. So leaming that I was like huh okay Then I discovered this: Since they are so terrible at swimming, the current will carry have learned that they are so stupid they just while they have the full ability for that to nat r. Then they die. So l i read this out laud to my marine bio nerd Gotta have passion