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Bad, Beautiful, and Fucking: Take the breadsticks Young Man and run Man young [door man hand hook said car gun deceit-the-snakey-snake: plaid-n-converse: cherrysconeslut: pawsofponies: garecc: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: buggykin: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: biggest-goofiest-fish: desertdaylight: kait-the-kitty: chiribomb: politicalcompassmemes: your-uncle-dave: maps-and-elvis-and-zelda-n-shit: japhers: jewishzevran: animatedamerican: pagesofkenna: mommacomms: fidefortitude: bl00dlikeice: elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey: plaid-n-converse: memeception WE’VE HIT TERMINAL MEME @caesarianconfection I’ve said “I hate this” so many times on this website, and never actually meant it, because “I hate this” is just shorthand for ‘this is an example of a meme given a twist I wasn’t expecting with intent to surprise’. Which is, in of itself, a meme on this site. God damn it. But this… This is something else. The rapidity of a meme’s introduction to its zenith to its decline is so rapid that in ten years, you’ll need a damn twenty-page manual to explain this. It’ll be as unfunny and hard to explain as jokes in Shakespeare plays, except even more inexplicable because fuck, at least Shakespeare’s jokes are usually about anal or fucking your mother, good wholesome sex jokes we can all get behind. For the love of fuck, how do you explain loss.jpg? How do you explain gun? ….I THOUGHT THIS WAS A YMCA REFERENCE it is a YMCA reference - that’s one of the 6 memes being represented here ok let me see if i can break this down easily. YMCA is the easiest place to start - the song itself has become a meme over time with people changing the lyrics to reference other pop cultural events. so YMCA is meme one (1) this first lyric replacement (”take the breadsticks and run”) is a reference to the tumblr meme ‘stuffing breadsticks into my purse’. i think everyone remembers that one so i wont bother to explain it. that’s meme two (2) “man door hand hook car door” is a meme of its own, a creepypasta from i dont remember when. it was a terrible stupid retelling of the generic ‘stuck in a car while hook handed man tries to kill us’ story so the stupid title caught on for memorability. that in and of itself is meme three (3) ‘gun’ is… yeah i dont know how to explain gun. long story short you add gun to the end of a phrase instead of what you expect the last word to be. its shock funny. its everywhere but its popular to add to “man door hand hook car door” for.. some reason? gun is meme four (4) and the thing is, this four meme combo is something thats gone around before. meme combos are, itself, a meme. which means taking this meme combo and mixing in another meme actually becomes meme five (5) which leaves us at loss.jpg. loss.jpg was a terrible bad comic supposed to be about some tragic event, but it was presented so poorly literally no one takes it seriously, and for some reason recreating the four-panel setup has become popular. so thats meme six (6) (but i need to add that this is the greatest version of loss.jpg i think i’ve ever seen. the initial ‘young man’ lines up with the guy bursting through the door, and the shock meme ‘gun’ matches the shock scene of the woman in the hospital and idk if OP even thought about that but it makes this just so much better) I wasn’t going to reblog this, but @pagesofkenna‘s comprehensive meme-by-meme annotation is a thing of beauty and should be shared. average tumblr post contains one meme, this post, which contains six, is an outlier and should not be counted it might also just be a coincidence due to loss.jpg’s format but the whole white minimalist four-panel setup is also suspiciously reminiscent of those early 2000’s rage comics I was getting a political compass vibe too tag urself im man door hand hook car gun This works better than I thought it would. This was in my senior project I’m not sorry. EIGHT MEME COMBO FATALITY We have officially created a new language  I just had to do it to em THIS FUCKING THREAD I’M GONNA CRY I LOST IT AND MAN DOOR HAND HOOK CAR GUN AND DIDN’T EXPECT MORE I’M SOBBING M E M E T E N OwO? W o w You know I had to I hope you know this is the most cursed addition to my post, and I love it THIRTEEN!? MEME COUNT:1 - YMCA (@plaid-n-converse, pointed out by @pagesofkenna)2 - breadsticks (see above)3 - man door hand hook car door (see above)4 - gun (see above)5 - meme combo (see above)6 - loss (see above)7 - 2000s comics vibes (@plaid-n-converse, as pointed out by @japhers)8 - political compass (@plaid-n-converse, as pointed out by @maps-and-elvis-and-zelda-n-shit, then highlighted by @politicalcompassmemes)9 - tag yourself (user was @your-uncle-dave but now appears to be deactivated)10 - i hate this (kind of barely used by @fidefortitude so idk if it really counts)11 - nickelback/look at this photograph (@inthishousewekinkshamefnaf)12 - had to do it to them (see above)13 - distracted boyfriend (see above)14 - is this a pigeon (see above)15 - oh, this is beautiful (@garecc)16 - expanding brain (@cherrysconeslut)17 - cursed (can be argues as a meme due to its excessive use and popularity, as well as the sort of subtext/emotion behind it that accompanies most memes on this site) (@plaid-n-converse)18 - weve created a new language (@inthishousewekinkshamefnaf)19 - owo (see above)20 - most ___ addition to a post (@plaid-n-converse)21 - it could be argued that meme analysis in itself is a memeFeel free to debate any of these or add any Ive missed, but I think I got them all??
Being Alone, Black Friday, and Christmas: el UNSAFE On CompuS scriminated against? Threatened Afrad to walk arund campus? We will walk with you ginger-ale-official: warriormale: yuuri-katsuki-on-ice: ladyflowdi: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: blackphoenix1977: pleatedjeans: Three cheers for these guys [x] This is how to be a good ally. Using their Bro-ness for good, not evil So a tiny story: on Black Friday a few weeks ago I went to Gamestop to buy my brother a game for Christmas, and I noticed this older man was watching me like a hawk. He was loitering around the front of the store without really buying anything, and every time I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye he was looking at me. I went to look at the PS4 games, and he was looking at something right behind me. I checked out the Nintendo games, and he was looking at them too. I was the only woman in the store, by the way. By the time I got in line to pay he was loitering at the front of the store again, and I just had that feeling that he was going to try and take the game I just bought, or steal my purse, as soon as I left the store. OR, he was going to try and follow me home. And I know I don’t have to explain that terror to any woman reading this, but all I could think was that I’m in this Gamestop alone with at least twenty other men and something is about to happen. I’m beginning to freak out, to the point where I’ve just pulled my pepper spray out of my purse and into the pocket of my coat.  So there I am, next in line to pay, and there is this GIGANTIC dudebro right behind me, and I say gigantic as a 6 foot tall woman. He says, “Ma’am? Don’t be offended, but would it be alright if I walked you to your car?” and I was like “Are you serious?” and he was like “There are some weird guys in here right now. Have you noticed that guy watching you?” and then I showed the dudebro the pepper spray in my pocket and he was like “Right on. Would you still let me walk you to your car?” and I said yes. So I paid, and waited while HE paid, and he walked me to my car. And just as I was getting in, the weird guy who’d been loitering came out of the store, saw me and my dudebro, and turned around and walked away in the opposite direction.  In short: men who recognize that women are unsafe in dark alleys, college campuses, grocery stores, gas stations and retail stores and do something about it are the kind of quality men that this world needs more of. Please for the love of god yes. The Warrior protects. He does this through his Prowess, his Ability to Protect. His fight Ability, combined with his Willingness to Protect, earns him Worth in the eyes of his fellow Men. Train and fight! Always protect those in need! WarriorMale Hohoho!
9gag, Love, and Memes: WATCHX NEW ACCOUNT ALERT! @watchx by @9gag Follow @watchx for the love of watches and wisdom.

NEW ACCOUNT ALERT! @watchx by @9gag Follow @watchx for the love of watches and wisdom.

Barbie, Crime, and God: OHMYGOD Why would there be a bottle of wine on the stove?! WTF Barbie you can't use a cutting board for a bulletin board BARBIE! you should know better than to leave a cheese grater on the edge of the fridge! someone could get hurt! Um, okay, DOES NO ONE REALIZE THAT BARBIE is cleaning her kitchen floor with a garden hose? Get it together, Barbie. OH MY GOD BARBIE! ARE YOU JUST GOING TO LEAVE THOSE DIRTY DISHES IN YOUR SINK? SERIOUSLY GET IT TOGETHER BARBIE .Seriously? People. Wow, Open your EYES Is NOBODY going to point out how Barbie is CLEANING HER FLOOR IN WHITE PANTS??? CLOSE THE DAMN REFRIGERATOR! YOUR LETTING ALL THGE COLD OUT! Barbie, seriously? The blender on top of the fridge? You could get hurt!!1 Guys for the love of god how can you not notice the freaking rat next to the fridge?! WTF Barbie? Clean your house more often, would ya? Barbie, who the hell puts a calculator on their fridge. COME ON! GET WITH THE TIMES! doomsong13 I love how everyone pretends not to notice the toaster next to the sink. BARBIE! YOU COULD GET ELECTROCUTED IF THAT FELL IN! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER GURL what the hell is wrong with you people???1?1?! omfg how can you not notice the fact the fridge has three layers of drawers on the bottom? what the fuck?? barbie fridges dont work that way im sorry aeolus06 SERIOUSLY?!! YOU PEOPLE ARE SICKI CAN YOU SEE THAT A SERIOUS CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED HERE?!! THAT WALLPAPER! IT'S HIDEOUS! Get a freakin' sense of style, woman! theres a dead body OMG why does she not put the bread away. She should put it in the pantry so she could have more room on the counter. i-m-p-a-l-a-6-7 ITS THE ORIGINAL POST IVE ONLY SEEN SCREENSHOTS BARBIE YOUR TOWEL IS PRACTICALLY ON THE FLOOR ITS WAY TOO LOW Seriously Barbie? You try and open the oven and the towel ends up on the floor. Source: fantasising-about-escape-blog 1,123,830 notes Leaving knives on the floor Barbie? Do you even care about your safety!
9gag, Alive, and Being Alone: hou 300kcal 41,200 kcal TOmin +1200kcal RGER KIN 9GAG.COM Forever Alone with 9GAG.COM skeletonmug: duckbunny: kate-wisehart: drtanner-sfw: rikakuuma: vulnerate: the-exercist: dreamofunconsciousness: the-exercist: my-way-to-get-skinny: Still hungry? Absolutely! The average active adult needs 2,000 calories per day in order to function in a safe and healthy manner. If I’m active to the point where I consistently run 1+ hour every day, then it is far more likely that my caloric needs are around 2,400-2,500. Considering that, a meal of 1,200 calories would perfectly suit my needs. It would supply roughly half of my calorie requirements, which is a God-send since a fast food meal is relatively cheap. It’s a great value, especially if I don’t have much time to cook or have the resources to prepare my own meals! The average burger is going to supply me with significant protein and carbs. That’s exactly what I’d need in order to build more muscle and have enough energy to make it through a workout. Even the sugar within the meal can be beneficial in supplying me with a boost of energy and can stop me from feeling hungry for a prolonged period of time. Not half bad. Is this the most healthy meal known to man? Of course not. But it’s still a very reasonable deal and the calorie count is well within the average adult’s daily needs.  Don’t let calories scare you! You need them. If you were capable of burning off an entire meal within the hour, you’d probably be dead by now. 1200 empty calories in a meal next to no nutrition. all the calories are sugar and fat. that’s it. you’ll have no energy and have glucose spikes in your blood because the lack of fiber because of the lack of complex carbs. this is diabetes in a meal.  so no, you should not be hungry for diabetes Nutritionally, this BK meal contains roughly 28g of protein and 3g of dietary fiber. It potentially also includes 35% of our Vitamin C daily requirements, 2% Vitamin A, 12% calcium, and 27% iron. Of the 1,010 calories (that I could verify directly from the company’s nutritional information guide), only 410 are from fat. That isn’t a terribly significant amount of fat, in the long run, nor are the nutrients small enough to be viewed as negligible. Eating this will not cause you to get diabetes. Eating this meal is perfectly fine if you do have diabetes, as long as you are able to adjust your insulin intake accordingly. So don’t use an illness as your debate point - Diabetic people are not a prop. “So don’t use an illness as your debate point - Diabetic people are not a prop.” I want that and variations of that on t shirts. damn, man. Someone just got completely schooled by a nutritionist. THIS A GOOD POST I’ve reblogged this again but I feel like it needs to be SAID again. Also someone needs to please come drive me to burger king and buy me a burger. Pretty please? I am diabetic, and the only thing that would give me pause is the drink. If that’s a diet soda, then it’s all fine. I mean sure, white bread isn’t the best possible thing, but it is the kind I mostly eat, and fried potatoes are basically OK because they’re starch, not simple sugar. Fries and a burger are better for me and more predictable than fruit. Fruit is a wild gamble. This meal - assuming diet soda - is one I can dose for. (I am diabetic because autoimmune conditions run in my family, and my pancreas has been randomly targeted for death by my immune system. Diet didn’t cause it and couldn’t have prevented it. Do not tell me I’m sick because I eat wrong. I’m alive because I eat.) We also need to ditch the idea that there is any such thing as food that is just “empty calories”. Presumably what people mean by that is that the only nutritional value something gives you is it’s calorific content.  The only foods that do that are things that are literally pure sugar. If you are eating pure sugar then yes you are only getting calories in the form of short chain carbohydrates/sugars that are broken down into glucose quickly. But for some people and in some instances that’s not a bad thing.  “empty calories” aren’t morally or even nutritionally bad. Sometimes that’s what our body needs -  a quick injection of glucose and calories for energy. Honestly I would rather glug a glucose drink like lucozade than a high caffeine “energy drink” when I am tired and need a boost any day of the week. But when people apply the “empty calories” thing to actual foods that aren’t pure sugar it is just inaccurate and frustrating. I mean, let’s take a step up from pure sugar and mix it with a fat in order to make buttercream frosting. If you at a spoon full of that it wouldn’t be “empty calories”. Sure it is a high sugar content so you are getting a high number of calories per spoonful and they are short chain carbohydrates so it’s not lasting energy but it’s still vital energy. But you are also ingesting fat. Fat isn’t bad for you, we need fats in our diet. It’s not a “empty calorie” it’s a vital part of how our body works. OK let’s look at something more sensible, a burger bun. Just he bun mind you, not even a complete meal like a full on burger. Even white bread contains a lot of nutrients which are useful to your body. You are going to be getting a mixture of carbohydrates both short and long so your body will have ongoing energy. Even white flour contains some proteins and trace minerals such as iron. There’s small amounts of fat, and salt in there too. Certainly not an “empty calorie” - quite a lo of useful stuff for your body. But please for the love of fluffy kittens stop thinking that “calories” are discrete magical food particles which are in some way separate from the things which actually make up our food. Food is pretty complex and our bodies even more so. We need calories, we also make use of a lot of different things that are found in all sorts of food.  Remember that a calorie is a unit of measurement to show how much energy something produces. Calorie content is calculated literally by burning food. A calorie isn’t a nutrient in the same way as carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fats and minerals are. A food item isn’t made up of calories. It is made up of molecules of carbs, fats proteins and so on. It is the burning of those that gives us calorie content. If something has calories then it HAS to have other nutritional content in order to physically exist even if that content is just short chain carbohydrates.  Unless somebody is only eating pure sugar they aren’t eating “empty calories”. 

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