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Ass, Cute, and Friends: beta synaptop <Email Password Login Forgot Password? Log In LEARN MORE SIGNUP! Advertising | Business Solutions | Derelopers | About Synaptop Press Contact | Help Priracy Policy | Terms of Service Synaptop 02013 Inventmode All Rights Reserved. Patents Pending Symapnet My Computer Media Player Watch Mlovies with Friends Add Contacts Synappstore Theatre ideo Chat Upload a File Photos sg yhappstore Start a Presentation K万 Synapnet Theatre My Computer Upload Search Feature Length Movies> All▼ Media Playen Synappstore Full Movies Vimeo Videos Saved Videos IT MIGHT GET LOUD Photos Search EDA廼 PINEAPPLE EXPRESS F RED K万 babyofrosemary: paranormal-blacktivity: ATTENTION PEOPLE WITH ONLINE FRIENDS AND/OR IN LDR’S There’s this kick ass site called Synaptop. And it’s perrrrfect for a person like you! Wanna know why??? It’s not something you download (NO DOWNLOAD DID U HEAR ME???)  this is all on your browser so it doesn’t take up a shit ton of space You can stream music/use the music they’ve already provided there to listen to with your friend and or lover (ohhh la la) Video calling is a thing here You can leave video messages (how cute tho) THEY HAVE AN APP WHERE YOU CAN DRAW TOGETHER SO U CAN LIKE DRAW LITTLE PENISES ON THE SCREEN AND LAUGH ABOUT IT AND STUFF You can stream and or watch movies together with the FULL, FREE movies that they have, or you can upload your own. Plus you can share photos and presentations and yadda yadda The site is here. I have date night with my boyfriend in PA here all the time and it’s amazing. Check it outttttt.