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Anime, Apparently, and Ash: JESSIE Jessie is the daughter of a famous Team Rocket operative. When she was very young, her mother left on assignment to track down the Mythical Pokémon Mew. So Jessie was raised mostly in a foster home. She grew up so poor that some of her meals were just snow Jessie's mother never returned from her mission, and Jessie had a hard time finding her way in the world without her mother's guidance. She tried nursing school and joining aBSsSlE bike gang. Eventually, she enrolled in Pokémon Tech-which is where she met James. Now Team Rocket is her whole world. celticpyro: camalilium: sageayanna: kofangel: poinko: jasoncanty01: superllama42: superllama42: champagne-zaddy: fabulousjessie: I found a Pokemon book at Toys R Us and… This took a dark spin and I wasn’t ready I looked this up and by “bike gang” they apparently meant literal bicycles. Upon further research, James was in the same gang and had to use training wheels. I was at first going to say “I thought every  one knew this” and then I remembered “Duh Not everyone is as old as me… “  T_T  god I’m old. Dont gloss over the part where she also went to nursing school to become a Pokemon Center Nurse. She flunked out but made best friends with a Chansey! Basically everything in that blurb has happened at some point in the anime  I don’t think the thing with her mom was though, that was released as a radio play. Madame Boss (Giovanni’s mother) Sent Jessie’s mom (in Japan known as Miyamoto) and tried to convince Mew to let her catch it by showing it a picture of Jessie CAN WE FUCKIN DITCH ASH AND MAKE THESE 3 LOSERS THE MAIN PROTAGONISTS So… the reason why Giovanni keeps Jesse around is because his mother ruined Jesse’s life by taking away her mother, and he feels guilty about it?  It actually kinda makes sense, I can’t believe Mew fucking murdered Jessie’s mom Please, just give me a spinoff series about Team Rocket.