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Ass, Cute, and Dude: RI 85% 1 1 :24 PM Danteh 23.3K Likes Tweets Tweets& replies Media Likes Carter @Carter_OW 5h This is clearly the talk of a teen that is being taken advantage of and cannot fend for herself in this DANGEROUS internet world CARTER? These are dms of her with a closeeee friend of mine so in there !!! if he tries anything i can just take screenshots and ruin his career within one tweet Feb 9 i wish i was older tbh NO LMNAO i would DIE if i got a chance to date an OwL player THATS NOT THE PLAY Feb 9 Feb 9 . what makes u so interested in OWL ppl yes Feb 9 why is that the end all be all for u dreamkazpers a cool guy tho i ะะะ Feb 9 Feb 9 for some reason greasy ass gamers just get me goin that's hella cool that he'd do that for u ๆณ„ รญdk i love videogames and cute boys so its a good combination Feb 9 Feb 9 i get u i get u yeah dude hes so nice?m is he a lot older than u oh like is that actually not possible or the female part Feb 9 oh b oy his age isnt confirmed. he could be 18 or he could be lke 22. inm almosttttt 15 Feb 9 not THAt nice of a person LMAO my parents have an 11 year age gap but they both met after Feb 9 . Feb 9 he hasnt attempted anything so far so we're good 45 0 86 332 San Francisco Shock-. @SF.. . 6h The grind never ends! @Shock_Architect heavy practice time in this week Watch out @LAValiant, we are conm and the rest of the squad have put some Danteh 23.3K Likes Tweets Tweets& replies Media Likes Joji @Jojizhang 5h Replying to @aimbotcalvin Her: 'I'm only 14' Me: FUEL 92 tl 10 115 imwatchingyoufailatgames @4... 4h @Danteh don't worry my dude I got you 08 18 1 125 o owlshitpostgalore: So Dante is unstanned and deleted from my life for liking tweets that dont take the DK situation seriously and patronize the victim (: