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Anaconda, Be Like, and Community: onion-souls: fluorescent-air-fresheners: libertarirynn: the-real-adam-taurus: its-bewitched: weatheredlaw: daredevilbf: roskii: s0mbr4-h4xx3d-m3: nyanbianry: ina-gartens-weave: wanderthewoods: “Ice Cave” by Georgia O’Keeffe and a photograph of an ice cave. yeah Georgia? that’s an ice cave ? that’s a god damn ice cave? that’s the only thing you intended to paint? that’s it? just an ice cave? all of georgia okeefes art is like this dont act surprised It Really Is. Staff seeing this: i hate to ruin everyone’s fun BUT you guys are so annoying. georgia o’keeffe very specifically stated how much she hated it when people, especially men, sexualized her art. male art critics pushed the interpretation of her artwork as sexual onto her and it upset her VERY deeply: “When people read erotic symbols into my paintings they’re really talking about their own affairs,” O’Keeffe said. Still, the sexualized misconceptions of her work devastated her. “I almost wept,” she wrote of one review in 1921. http://nymag.com/arts/art/reviews/59249/ now, because of some immature dudes in the art community, her work has been sexualized forever, and her paintings are now sexual objects. so like…making pussy jokes about her artwork isn’t just annoying, it’s disrespectful to everything she worked for, and it’s like rubbing her legacy in her face. The male gaze really be like that sometimes huh? I’m a woman and I saw a pussy. Same Those 100% look like vaginas and nothing will convince me otherwise. Another girl here. Yep, them be vaginas I think it’s less “immature males” and more immature people in general