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Cheetos, Cute, and Dogs: 410) e "G-11 38% 8:26 PM Today 10:38 AM My three favorite things are eating dogs and not using commas Clearly I need an English teacher in my life Today 3:05 PM The best one of those was- "Let's eat, Gramma!" VS "Let's eat Gramma!" Today 6:40 PM Oh, I remember being taught a different version of that one in grade school. I think it went something like "Let's eat out You're clever Like that was actually really good Today 7:03 PM Good enough to get your number? I feel like we're 50% there Wo-oah, [I'm] livin' on a prayer 54% Oh man, tough crowd Ifelt like your percentage was increasing too fast Don't worry, I'm never in a rush. Would you hold on to something while I take a walk though? A dog?! My hand We'll make it, I swear That was slick, 5 points for gryffindor I feel like that was worth exactly 15% towards the running total Ok I'll say 65% Would you rather be sexually attracted to fish or always have Cheetos dust on your fingers? Am I attracted to all fish now or just the cute ones like normal? Also I think you forgot the extra 4% earned l said I'll give you the extra points to make it 65% total Compromise, man All fish and only fish. Like you are only aroused by fish That's fine with me, you're quite the catch and I seem to have you on the hook Getting closer, 75% I'm glad that I'm reeling you in Today 8:25 PM You can earn the rest of the percentage later l suppose GIF ype a message... Is this what peaking feels like?

Is this what peaking feels like?

Being Alone, Batman, and Books: LIBRARIAN HUMOR ISEE WHAT YOU DID THERE 0 dracophile: randomthingieshere: pheenixwright: invenblocker: pheenixwright: invenblocker: pheenixwright: invenblocker: forthefuns: follow forthefuns for more funny stuff Your honor! Please direct your attention towards the manga.As you can see there are small pieces of paper sticking out of every volume.But no such paper is sticking out of the Batman comic.The reason? The Batman book doesn’t belong to the library. The photographer put it there to take a picture. Once again making hasty assumptions, Wright?First of all, I’d like to direct the court’s attention to this particular spot, in the top right-hand corner.Notice how the words are blocking the top of the Batman book.With this in mind, how can you claim that there is “no such paper sticking out of the Batman comic”?! Say whaaaat?Well uhmLook at the size of the paper pieces, they’re all sticking pretty far out.If there was paper in the batman comic, it would be big enough to stick up over the text.And while gravity does exist, it probably won’t make the paper do a 90 degree turn and just lean horisontally left at the middle.Still grasping for straws, Wright?Hypothetically, if there were a paper there, this picture would not be able to prove its presence. I’ve taken the liberty of drawing a diagram to illustrate my point. We are faced with three possibilities. It is possible that (1) the paper was simply tucked in deeper than the others.Paper is a soft material, Wright. It’s not unreasonable for it to do a (2) 90 degree turn. Or perhaps, (3) a paper does not exist there at all. Either way, you cannot prove your client innocent without sufficient evidence.   Which, of course, is impossible thanks to the obtrusive words. I’m sorry Edgeworth.I concede that I can’t disprove theory 1But the image you submited for theory 2 is contradictory.Look at the tilt of the other papers. They clearly prove how much the paper would tilt.And theory 3 is my point! Why would the library’s book not have this piece of paper when the other library books do?While you still have thory 1, there is another contradiction.The books are not in alphabetical order, this proves that the batman comic was placed there specifically for the picture! Ack.(Perhaps I should’ve left the artistry to the forensic artist…)Now hold it right there! It doesn’t matter which direction the paper is going because it’s impossible to prove it even exists!Those theories are all the same! We do not have enough information to prove them. There could be an infinite amount of papers in there for all we know. I simply presented them only so that the court could better understand your baseless conjecture!… I suppose the order of the books do seem out of the ordinary. However, therein lies not just one possibility. Clearly, those are Japanese graphic novels, also known as “manga”. And the Batman comic book is a graphic novel, too, no?Seeing as it currently has only graphic novels in the shelf, it is possible that any other novels have simply not yet been restocked. Asserting whether or not this effect was deliberate is useless– there is no way of knowing if the photographer and the captioner are the same person, let alone their involvement in this picture.Face it Wright, you can’t prove any of these groundless accusations! Did everyone just ignore the library sticker?

dracophile: randomthingieshere: pheenixwright: invenblocker: pheenixwright: invenblocker: pheenixwright: invenblocker: forthefuns: ...