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Driving, Internet, and Police: Grover Norquist@GroverNorquist 16h How Republicans are born Daughter, 8, has been savings up to buy her first Guitar Found it for $35. She had 35 exact. Then...sales tax 5.4K 400 1.1K John SchwartZ @jswatz Follow Replying to @GroverNorquist Did you mention that you drove her to the guitar store on roads that were partly funded by sales taxes? Retweets Likes 766 11,333 6:13 PM 25 Jun 2017 107t 766 11K Tweet your reply Charles Gaba @charles_gaba 15h Replying to @jswatz @GroverNorquist In a car which only has seat belts preventing you from being badly injured in the event of a crash due to taxpayer funded regulations? 944th 384 7.5K 15h or those same taxes that pay for emergency services that will respond if you do get in an accident? 15h And fix potholes etc that reduce the chance that we will have accidents 96 ti 199 5.0K 15h And using traffic lights which are installed by municipalities that greatly reduce the risk of death when driving? And using side walks that are paid by the city from tax payers dollars? 15h And police that protect her from being robbed of her cash. 914 t 167 4.3K And firefighters and EMTs to provide emergency medical services that are paid for in part by sales tax. 12ti 162 4.0K 15h And were able to send this tweet due to government research and investment in the internet 2 t 107 2.5K He didn't mention any of those things because he's not intellectually honest. 17t 104 2.2K <p><a href="http://memehumor.net/post/162281564918/tax-expert-forgets-what-taxes-do" class="tumblr_blog">memehumor</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Tax Expert forgets what Taxes do</p></blockquote>

memehumor: Tax Expert forgets what Taxes do

All Star, Baseball, and Chicago: BASEBALL PPG Put an"x" beside the answer you think is right! 1. Two pitchers have won 4 consecutive Cy Young Awards. Randy Johnson is one, who is the other? O a. Roger Clemens O b.Sandy Koufax 6. What pitcher holds the record for striking out the most batters in a single game? 11. Who was the first Major League player to hit 4 homeruns in a single game? D a.Lou Gehrig O b.Bobby Lowe O a Kerry Wood b.Tom Cheney O c.Randy Johnson c·Chuck Klein c. Greg Maddox d.Willie Mays d. Jim Palmer d.Roger Clemens 2.Who was the first American League pitcher to win the Cy Young Award? 7. Who was the first U.S President to attend an MLB game? O a.Lyndon B.Johnson a b.John F.Kennedy 12. Who was the first Major League player to have his number retired? a. Hank Aaron #44 (Braves) b.Carl Hubbell #11 (Giants) a. Don Newcombe a b. Tom Seaver O c. Early Wynn O d. Bob Turley □ c. Lou Gehrig #4 (Yankees) c, Benjamin Harrison d. Mel Ott #4 (Giants) d.Grover Cleveland 13. Before 1880, how many balls did it take to walk a 3. Which 1st baseman the record for most Gold Gloves? holds 8.Which team has the longest consecutive winning streak (withoutties)? O a. 1935 Chicago Cubs O b. 1916 San Francisco Giants a. Keith Hernandez b.4 b. Vic Powell C. c. Don Mattingly O d. George Scott c.2002 Oakland A's d.1982 Atlanta Braves 4. Who was the first manager to win Manager of the Year in both the NLand AL? 14. What player holds the record for stealing 'home' the most? 9.When was the first MLB All Star Game? a.1934 O b. 1938 O c. 1941 a.George Burns a·Tony LaRussa O b.Jim Leyland O b.TyCobb C,Honus Wagner c.Dusty Baker D d.Bobby Cox d.1933 10. What pitcher holds the record for most consecutive complete games pitched? □ a.JackTaylor 15. Who holds the record for 5.Who was the first pitcher to win Season MVP? O a.Dazzy Vance O b.Lefty Grove the most homeruns by a Rookie? a Frank Robinson b.Wally Berger c,Wade Boggs Randy Johnson c.Walter Johnson d.Carl Hubbell □ c.Williewhite O d.Bob Gibson □ d·Mark McGwire Copyright С 2009, python-printable.games.com Image result for baseball trivia for kids

Image result for baseball trivia for kids