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Anna, Clothes, and Crazy: $42% 14:45 Anna Today 12:10 I haven't seen you in forever Have you been visiting your fellow angels up in Heaven? Ps. Always wanted to use this as a text opener Are you my wallet? Because l want to fill you up Ps. I just had nothing to respond with so I saw my empty wallet. Today 13:00o Do you like vegetables, Because i like you from head tomatoesb At least something is empty Are you a salad, because l'd stay away from you until there was some meat in you Let's do some math. Add bed subtract clothes, divide legs, and multiply My tongue hasn't been to the gym in a while, mind sitting on my face and letting my tongue work out? Do you want to do 68? go down on you, and you owe you Are you my TV because i need to beat you to make you work Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause l can see myself in your pants! Let's recreate our parents lives I act like I love you, I get you pregnant and then go move to the middle East under a different identity Oh that would be lovely. When and where? They say your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body Want to fight? I'd like to request a handicap, my tongue isn't strong enough to fight your tongue, How about I fight your clit? Today 14:02 Did your license get suspended for driving all these tinder girls crazy? I think you should bulk up a bit,I can offer some of my protein to you Today 14:41 Would you f*ck a stranger? No? Then let me introduce myself, my name is Anna I also require a phone number before I fuck someone, consider that my engagement proposal Sent Type a message.... GIF The pick up line show down of 2019
Advice, Being Alone, and America: Anna Breslaw @annabreslavw My sister is doing arn experiment: Whenever men walk towards her, she doesn't move out of the way first. So far she has collided with 28 men. 12/13/14, 5:04 PNM little-miss-stan: elegantmess100: blossombarnes: retroasgardian: reddobastard: onethingconstant: songbirde108: mercurialkitty: emmagrant01: clevermanka: youcangofindatree: moremetalthanyourmom: Okay but after seeing this I started doing it too and it’s amazing how many men I’ve run into bc they expected me to move Gotta try it I work (and walk) on a college campus. I’ve lost count of how many men I’ve smacked shoulders with. Recently, I was standing outside my son’s classroom waiting to talk to his teacher. I stood on one side of the hallway, not even close to the center. At some point, a man came walking along. I was standing right in his path, but the hallway was empty, so I logically expected him to swerve around me. Instead he kept walking right toward me, got to me, and stopped, as if waiting for me to get out of his way. I didn’t; I just smiled politely at him. He finally walked around me, clearly annoyed that I hadn’t leapt out of his manly path. Now I’m wishing I’d leapt aside, taken off my jacket and laid it on the floor before him, then bowed deeply and said, “My Liege!” I also work at a college campus. I smack shoulders sometimes, but I find that if I stare straight ahead and follow the advice below, people get the heck out of the way. Honestly this post changed how I carry myself when walking alone in public, or in a situation where I’m the one leading. People definitely move for the murder gaze. Confirmed. I once had to rush back inside a convention hall as the con was closing in order to a retrieve a sick friend’s medication, and I didn’t understand why people in the crowd were jumping out of my way (literally—one guy vaulted a table) until I realized I was dressed as the Winter Soldier and doing the Murder Walk because that’s just how I walk in those boots. I got the meds, got out, and made a mental note. I repeated the experiment later, wearing the boots but otherwise my usual clothing and mimicking the expression I thought I’d had at that moment. People parted like I was Charlton Heston. I now wear that style of boots whenever possible. I recently had a man do a double-take as I walked by and ask me, politely, where I had served because I “looked like a soldier.” I’m not current or former military. I was wearing a flowy purple peasant top and looked as un-soldierlike as possible. Moral of the story: wear comfortable shoes, square your shoulders, and walk like you’ve been sent to murder Captain America. WALK LIKE YOU’VE BEEN SENT TO MURDER CAPTAIN AMERICA It’s called the Murder Strut. IT’S BACK!!!!!! I was searching for this to show my daughter the other day and couldn’t find it. I’m so glad IT’S BACK!! I will always reblog the Murder Strut!! A guy on a bike went around me because he could tell I had no intention of moving. Thanks to this post.
Anaconda, Anna, and Cats: Cat is summoned for jury duty in Boston: court reiects owners' appeal to disqualify him 7 0 Digg t Tweet BY MEENA HARTENSTEIN DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Monday, January 17, 2011 Boston resident Sal Esposito has been called to jury duty but there's one thing standing in the way of his ability to serve: He's a cat Massachusetts couple Anna and Guy Esposito received a jury duty summons for their feline friend this month, who they had listed as a household resident on the 2010 Census "Sal is a member of the family so l listed him on the last Census form under pets but there has clearly been a mix up," Anna told local TV station WHDH. "T read the whole thing and said, Oh my God, how could he go, he's a cat? Sa Esposito has been summoned to jury duty in a Boston court, despite the... WHDH-TV) "I was shocked," added Anna's husband Guy, though he said Sal a fan of crime shows - "knows right and wrong Guy Esposito with the couple's cat, Sal. (WHDH-TV) Anna filed to have her pet disqualified from the service requirement on the grounds he is "unable to speak and understand English." She even included a letter from her vet explaining that Sal is not a human being but a "domestic short-haired neutered feline," WHDH reported beingl ut a domestic The court rejected the request and as things stand, Sal will have to report for duty to Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston on March 23 And what if Sal the cat is asked to weigh in on a case? "He'll probably do a meow for the answer," Anna said afloweroutofstone: toralei: jury duty cat “I think cats should serve on juries” is the natural extension of “I think dogs should vote” and I’m 100% behind this

afloweroutofstone: toralei: jury duty cat “I think cats should serve on juries” is the natural extension of “I think dogs should vote” and...