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Hello, Minecraft, and Porn Hub: bouncytitties69 2 days ago Who wants me to upload my girlfriend masturbating 58 -Reply JimmyRow3 15 hours ago with her consent yea otherwise no 35 1-Reply Bigdaddy863 1 week ago Does anybody want to build a castle in minecraft with me? 124Reply 124 TheRevanche 19 hours ago im down 0 Reply Boris-The-Hammer 2 days ago With so many people it will be done in no time 2Reply flatbushy 23 hours ago how do you tame a horse in minecraft Reply SA Gadriel 14 hours ago You have to ride it until it loves you, so follow the many riding tutorials this site offers, and you'll be just fine. 2 Reply username1125 15 hours ago You got to ride it. It'll probs kick you off but keep getting back on until u see hearts. Porn hub 3 weeks ago Hello people, I am starting to get interested in building a pc, however, I am not very smart in this kind of situation. I tried asking my friend and he gave me this link https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/H4gkz8. I have a budget of $1300 CDN and would like to know how good this setup is. I already have the monitor and I plan on live streaming games on twitch. Any feedback is helpful. Thanks and have a good day. 3Reply 1 week ago That pc looks pretty good to me Reply 1 week ago Im not familiar with amd but if youre gonna sfream I would recommend a skylake cpu They have hyperthreading and art great for multitasking. What resolution do you plan to play at and stream with??? 0 Reply 2 weeks ago would recommend switching out that hard drive for a cheaper wd blue, won't be much difference and $40 less 0 Reply 2 weeks ago 1700 non x, 16gb ram, gtx 1070 2 Reply officialyasen: kroncw: nothingbutmeme: Pornhub comments are our only hope better than youtube #it’s because everyone is in the post nut state of mind