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Club, Drinking, and God: William @wmcneillie Follow when we had pups from Skye, this couple bought one from us back in 2005.. we woke up to this letter and these pictures this morning釡 6th July 2017 Dear Mrs McNeillie I found your address on the kennel club certificate for my dog and I felt compelled to write to you He was the only one left of your litter when we visite d you; born 22nd April 2005 We named him Jos and we very sadly had to put him to sleep in March this year I think he has had an amazing life with us. He has travelled around the UK and he moved to Dubai in 2008. We all swam in the Gulf sea together, swam in our poo generally had a great time. I together, went to pet shows and He flew back to the UK end of 2013. A few months later he was diagnosed with kidney disease but he continued to baffle the experts with no change in his drinking habits and tests generally showed good. With continued medication and six monthly tests he remained the perfect dog. He held out until March this year - three years living with kidney disease- he was always a trooper. We are completely devastated by our loss. I never knew that losing a dog could be so painful but he was our child, our boy and he gave us so much happiness in the almost twelve years. He was a real character and went pretty much everywhere with us. He really was a very good boy. I have enclosed some photos for you of our boy At some stage we will get another dog, probably next year and we were wondering if you know if his blood line has continued? That would be nice to know. Thank you for producing a great puppy that turned into a fantastic and amazing dog called Jos. Kind regards, Julie & Alan Cousins Dear Mrs McNeillie <p>OH MY GOD I’M IN TEARS</p>


Tumblr, Blog, and Http: poethebunny:Poe ft dandelions! He had a great time outside today

poethebunny:Poe ft dandelions! He had a great time outside today