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Alive, Amazon, and Apparently: someone: if you keep listening to your music so loudly, you'i1 be deaf by the time you're 20 me: WHAT jumpingjacktrash: cromulentenough: quinnbee-s: portmanteau-bot: boogiewoogiebuglegal: theprinceofprinces: 1337banna: gottalovesteak: 1337banna: gottalovesteak: magic-in-a-bottle: teuthidactyl: peaceheather: beanmom: ask-gallows-callibrator: demon-sweets: No. Just no. Ok? So I used to make this joke all the time. Now I have chronic tinnitus. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s nerve damage in your ears which often comes as a result of being constantly exposed to very loud noise for a long period of time. The nerve damage results in a constant ringing/buzzing in your ears. So far there’s no cure. The severity of it varies, and I’m lucky to have a mild case, which I can barely hear during the day and is easy to block out at night. That said, loads of people with tinnitus aren’t so lucky. Severe tinnitus can’t be blocked out. Those who suffer from it also suffer from severe loss of sleep, depression, anxiety…. the list goes on. Tinnitus also comes with a degree of hearing loss in most cases, making it even harder to ignore. In fact, some people with severe tinnitus kill themselves just to make the ringing stop. Tinnitus can be so severe that it drives a person to suicide. Chronic tinnitus used to mostly be prevalent in older people who worked for years with loud machinery etc, but all of a sudden it’s becoming more common in our generation. Why? Because of people, like me, who listened to their music too goddamn loudly through their headphones. Deaf by the time you’re 20? Please. That’s the least of your worries. Please reblog. This post reminded me to move my music further away and turn it down. Someone else may need to be more cautious of their shit too. Chronic mild tinnitus here, too, due to too many metal concerts in my youth.  Turn your headphones down a little.  Wear earplugs at concerts.  Protect your ears. Your eyes have an iris that can shrink down, and eyelids that can squint shut, to protect them from light that is too bright. Your ears have NOTHING to block out sounds that are too loud. It’s up to you. Tinnitus sufferer from drumline in high school checking in. These days I wear earplugs at concerts, rehearsals, clubs, and even movies sometimes. Get yourself a set that look like these ones: Etymotics Research was one of the first companies I’m aware of to widely market with this sort of ear plug, and they’re great, because they reduce noise fairly evenly across the spectrum, and so you hear everything accurately, just quieter.  While they’re certainly more expensive than the foam earplugs that you see everywhere, they also are washable and last for months and months, and sound great, if not better than without  for live music.  Please protect your ears.  There is no way to recover lost hearing. Apparently I had this. I just thought silence was a ringing sound you also might have even been “born” with this. a lot of people with sensory issues (especially autistic or ADD/ADHD people) experience this when it’s silent around them but havent actually hurt their ears with music at all. so its also a sensory processing thing and you can be “born” with it (aka develop with it in childhood) like i have Wait I thought that ringing was normal?? I hear ringing when its dead silent are you seriously saying my ADHD causes this???? I thought everyone had that???!!??! normal people dont have that ringing noise. while it’s minor in cases of sensory development issues from developmental disorders, it can be severe if a person with a developmental disorder listens to loud music. i know that sometimes during a sensory overload from autism, the ringing will become terribly loud Oh lord ok. Be careful with loud noises. Gotcha. I didnt realize not everyone hears that ringing. I thought it was normal so I never asked if anyone else heard it too. Thanks for the warning about loud music! Ive always tried to avoid going to concerts because of the ringing but I thought it was a thing everyone put up with and that I was being a wimp. Im glad I have an explanation! That’s why the ringing gets louder? SIGNAL BOOST signal + boost = signoost.Beep-boop. Portmanteau^bot^1If I sound pleased about this, it’s only because my programmers made this my default tone of voice! I’m actually quite depressed! | PayPal | Patreon when is was like 5 i thought it was like, a normal constant sound that came with being alive on a populous planet/in the universe, kinda like gravity or light or smthn, until I figured out that other people can actually hear silence When people talked about the sound of silence I thought that’s what they meant. But yeah I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. i’m autistic and i used to play in a punk band and go to a lot of rock shows in the 90′s. the ringing is always there. it always will be. could drive me crazy if i let it, but i’m a practical type, so i just deal. but you don’t want this if you don’t have to have it. turn your shit down, y’all.