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Gif, Puns, and Free: Telstra 4G 9:18 am YOU MATCHED WITH ON 31/8/17 What did the tree say to the account manager? Climb up me? That's a tree-mendous idea Wood you? If you promise not to leaf me Oak-ay I'm stumped, where to from here? Maybe we should branch out No sense beating around thee bush, right? Yew know me too well Dam - you're good Some would say a little over elm- ing I maple out, you win. I'm running out of things to say I fig-ured as much I never thought this many puns would stem from my tree opener I'd palm you off but I'm enjoying it Well I have others but they're way more seedy... dare i? I'll just shrub them off Would you do that to a good root? Plant one on me That can be arranged, but then where do I stick it? That depends on how much junk is in the trunk (Now I'm wishing I didn't use up bush' already) Is that some kind of pubic hair reference? Beech, please!! No need to get so birchy about it Don't willow it Let's not let this get too sappy You're right, let's prune it back I'm so glad I log-ged on and found you Are you ready to get twiggy with it? I'm hedging my bets that I am You know what they say, good things come in trees Is there a chance of that happening before it's Septimber? You'll need to teak us to dinner first Pine by me, when are you free? Before we get to that, do you have the stamen-a to keep up? Course -it is hardwood after all. Think you can handle it? I'm ready to chip away at it I think veneer the end aren't we? I'm getting sycamore of this Type a message. Send GIF Didnt think Id get a reply, instead i met my match

Didnt think Id get a reply, instead i met my match