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Kids have no concept of anything: dokudoki pistachiosoda Follow liamdunburs ids have no concept of anything. i walked into my kindergarten class and one kid asked me what my name was. when i said miss jones, he said "i like that name. did you know i'm in love with you" letthemountainsmoveyou i asked my four year old cousin how old he thought i was going to be at my next birthday and he said 8. im 23 roonilwazlip once i told a 6 year old that i had finished school and was doing "more school" university] and she asked "why haven't you found anyone to marry then" eyeslikeacat We were at a museum and I was asking for the student discount and my nine year old cousin looks up at me with his eyes wide and says "wait you're a STUDENT??" meelothemanly I used to babysit these three kids and the eldest who was around 11 at the time was talking about how adults are boring and when I told him I was an adult he said, "That's not true, you're my age cractasticdispatches our aunt teaches and she has this story about a little girl who really was always pretty quiet in class and then on the final day of kindergarten she just up and stated i'm all teached now. i don't need to be teached anymore. i'm done of being teached. diamondelight92 once when i was 19, I told my little cousin that i was 19 and she looked up at me with huge eyes and went, "Does that mean you don't have to bring an adult with you to the pool?" anxietee-n My 6 year old cousin saw me driving for the first time, looked up at him mom and said "does that mean she is married now? standard-fiend I watched my dad and my niece (3 at the time) arguing over a pair of pants and whether or not they were also a dress. My neice's argument was that they were in fact, also a dress because they were blue loveyoutothem00n I asked the kids in my daycare class what they thought I should be for Halloween and this little boy goes, "ooh I know! A pickle! You'd be such a good pickle aimmyarrowshigh On the first day of class with my favorite student of all time, I said, "Are you okay? You look like you have a question." And she looked me right in the eyes and said, tremulously "Can a piranha eat a stapler?" manic-kin One time I was working with a kid and he looked up at me and asked "Do you have a boy?" I had no idea what he was talking about, but I told him that I did not have any boys. He looked shocked and then deeply concerned and said "Well you better hurry up and shave your arms so you can get married; August is next month!" dinovia-countryman I was sitting on the floor with my 3yo niece and we were playing with her younger brother's alphabet blocks and the O had an octopus on it. So I picked it up and asked her what it was "Octopus," she said, all curls and smiles And what kind of animal is an octopus?" I asked. I was looking for "fish" or "sea creature but I would have accepted almost anything-weird," "gross, even "slimy." "Underwater" or "it lives in the ocean" would have also been acceptable She looks me right in the eye and says, happy as a clam, "It's a cephalopod. I haven't been the same since Source: dianatprince 769,704 notes Kids have no concept of anything

Kids have no concept of anything