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Ass, Funny, and Head: thatscorpionbitch Like, 90% of infomercial style products were designed by/for disabled people, but you wouldn't know that, because there is no viable market for them. THey have to be marketted and sold to abled people just so that any money can be made of off them and so the people who actually need them will have access. I think snuggies are the one example almest everyone knows. They were invented for wheelchair users (Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a coat on and off of someone in a wheelchair? Cause it's PRETTY FUCKIN HARD.) But now everyone just acts like they're some quirky, white people thing- and not A PRODUCT DESIGNED TO MAKE PEOPLES DAY TO DAY LIVES 10000X EASIER. But if at any point you were to take your head out of your own ass and go "Hey who would a product like this benefit," that would be really cool swamp-spirit This makes informational make so much sense now Like... of course there's no reason for that guy to knock over that bowl of chips However, the person it was actually designed for has constant hand tremors that would make this pretty rad, but since we don't want to show that in a commercial, here's an able bodied guy who can't remember how gravity works. Shit. Those commercials suddenly get a lot less funny when you realize it's pretty much just people ineptly trying to mimic disability xtremecaffeine Or like the thing for the eggs? Like, oh, it cracks eggs perfectly, you only need one hand? IT WAS DESIGNED FOR PEOPLE WHO ONLY HAVE THE USE OF ONE HAND Or the juice bottle pourer? For people who're TOO LAZY TO POUR THEIR OWN JUICE? Or FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIFFICULTY BEARING WEIGHT IN THE HANDS silenceofthecam It's amazing how with just a few words by a few people, my whole perspective on something can shift entirely fumblingcuriosities I feel so ignorant for never having realized this before Makes a lot more sense now