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Funny tumblr post: SOCIAL MEQA EXPLAINE TWITTER I'm EA1N4 A #DONUT FACEBOOk ukE DONVTS EAT DONUT.S INSTAGRAM HERE'S A VİNTAGE PHOTO OF my PONUT し1.KED N ny Sklus iNCLupe poNUT ETING TwHo EATS DONUTS emergencysalsa Tumblr: #this fucking donut #can we talk about this fucking donut for a minute #can we #because on this donut #the sprinkles just comfortably melt into the icing #you can tell that they are so perfectly in tune with each other #and they've come so far from when the sprinkles just sort of sat on top #barely touching for fear of rejection彬ust ugh I can't #otp: comfortably melting thenoodledude 4chan: here's a picture of someone putting their dick in a donut. latinagabi reddit: that donut needs to go back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich salt-water-chardonnay academia.edu: Here is a pdf of the seminar paper I wrote about the erotics/poetics/semiotics/science of donut eating nega-che-chalaga deviantArt:l did not steal this donut. I traced it so now it's mine england-made-a-spooky-blog-and It got better constitutionclass Fanfic.net: The donut is the setting for a high school AU, were two sprinkles meet and realise they have more in common than they ever thought possible however, the mean chocolate sauce has caught wind of their secret relationship. Will they be able to make it together before it's too late? M for a lemon flavoured donut. in-demigodishness-and-all-that This has officially become one of my favorite posts misha-in-the-tardis-at221b I JUST REBLOGGED BUT FANFIC MADE IT PERFECT althor42 Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with: The Internet. skadi-again-again archiveofourown.org: Graphic Depictions of Gluten, doughut/sprinkles doughnut/glaze, doughnut/sprinkles/glaze, doughnut character, sprinkles - character, glaze character, dsg threesome, first time, morning doughnuts, AU - doughnutverse, omg i don't even know, knotting tiltedsyllogism Buzzfeed: 8 Donuts whose secret ingredients will shock you troylerina best post on this website STRANGEBEAVER.com Funny tumblr post