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Children, Crazy, and Definitely: Houston ISD * Follow HISD @HoustonISD All students this year, regardless of socioeconomic status, will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner for FREE. blogs.houstonisd.org/news/2018/08/0 10:13 AM-27 Aug 2018 4,072 Retweets 17,872 Likes @-D @ a Maddie Schafer Follow @SchaferMaddie there are people who are mad in the comments saying that it's not free bc tax payers pick it up."·could you irric)(ine being mad that kids get to eat Houston ISD@HoustonISD All students this year, regardless of socioeconomic status, will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner for FREE. blogs.houstonisd.org /news/2018/08/0 5:57 PM - 28 Aug 2018 from Missouri, USA 90,655 Retweets 233,296 Likes 園匎目⑤. .. for-liberty: libertarirynn: thatpettyblackgirl: Same people who are upset with this kind of thing are usually pro lifers…the irony runs so deep I’m so sick of seeing this shit about how people who aren’t crazy about tax funded programs “aReN’t PrO lIfE” because they hate children and want them starving to death. Churches have been running summer lunch programs for kids and families that can’t afford meals for years. There are tons of private charities and donations. And the fact is they’re right, these meals are not really free. Now of course I’m not mad the kids get to eat, but please don’t conflate pointing out the difference between free market charity and tax funded charity with not wanting to feed people. I might be revoking my libertarian card by saying this, but this is quite possibly one of the most worthwhile uses of tax money I’ve seen in a long time. Again, there’s no denying that this is a more worthy expenditure than many others and if this were all taxes were going to I’d be perfectly fine with it as a transition until a more private option is put in place. If I were to start eliminating taxes tomorrow the money going to food programs would definitely not be high on the list. But that’s just it, the money we spent on those programs is peanuts in the grand scheme of how much we are taxed.My point is that when people express concern over taxation, they are almost immediately accused of not caring for humanitarian efforts, as though the government is the only humanitarian organization out there when in fact the government is the most inefficient and terrible humanitarian organizations out there. The same money that goes to feed these kids goes to kill hundreds more in the Middle East. It’s absolutely ridiculous to act like the vast majority of taxes are just their “to benefit society“ instead of starting wars and lining the pockets of bureaucrats who regulate our freedoms into oblivion.