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The brain can be a very weird place sometimes: smallest-feeblest-boggart ohannesvili: lostalive: genderists i just had the weirdest moment, i was feeling my front teeth with my tongue because they're the tiniest bit crooked, and then i had the thought "ill check if they're also crooked in my other mouth" and then i realized to my shock and confusion that i have only one mouth, leading me to believe that in a past life i was a terrible monster with two mouths A few months ago, I thought to myself "Mmm I'm so tired... how much longer in this one again?" and I knew instinctively what I meant by 'this one' was this body and this life. I then spend a few wide-eyed moments having an identitylexistential crisis like how many times have l been on this earth to have such an instinctive response to being bone-weary to my soul? No one can really answer, especially not me. In July 2017, one night woke up around 2 a.m and blurted out in a quasi professorial voice "the Equinox Bird has infinite beaks, all in the wrong direction, and infinite eyes" and I don't know what the fuck I was dreaming about but it still haunts me. It seemed like a very important information for a few seconds i really appreciate the last commenter giving us an exact date and time like that information needs to be preserved (via noisyhope) #I've been told on many occasions that my hands show I'm an old soul #my mom。 multiple occasions has dreamed that her neck was broken by a rope The brain can be a very weird place sometimes