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Christmas, Saw, and Target: ROBIN (USA) ROBIN (U a kind of thrush very bouncy * migratory, associated with return of spring can Jump very much on ANY worm "V. V. small, round and angry * will fight anyone * associated with Christmas * sits in hedges & shouts at people BUZZARD (USA) * a friendly vulture that comes and gets you when you are dead BUZZARD (UK) * the normal generic hawk bird * pretty common, not distinctive * sits in trees sulking mostly circles overhead and waits for you to be a redtail hawk with no r dead * just a normal vulture, pretty much ed tail MAGPIE (UK) * a Fun and Jaunty Fellow * a kind of crow (but sparkly & iridescent) * associated with theft, collecting shiny things, tacky taste MAGPIE (AUSTRALIA) * a MURDERBID * a kind of shrike (aka butcherbird) * associated with MURDER and VIOLENCE elodieunderglass: sighinastorm: burningmanonacid: elodieunderglass: I felt like I needed to clarify some things before we could continue any more conversations on this godforsaken website. I’m very proud of the European Robin, I think I really captured it. ALSO A DADDY LONG LEGS is different in the UK vs USA. I learned that by arguing with some Brits because they said there was a daddy long legs on the wall, i looked and only saw an insect, argued with them all for 45 minutes until we all looked it up and saw that we were both correct. British badger:  jovial fellow, eats toast and jam.  Might invite you in for a cuppa with the Mrs.  Agricultural nuisance. American badger: pallas cat of a wolverine.  Very defensive.  Fuck immediately off.  Bonus African badger:  Silverback gorilla of mustelids.  Should be a cryptid.  Bro, don’t even.  You are nothing to him. an extremely good post addition