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Confidence, Definitely, and Gif: 6:49 ia Hey David, I've been very busy. And I just realized that I never responded to your last message, I'm extremely sorry about that In response to your question, fine I'lI tell you but don't say I didn't warn youu I actually have a boyfriend. Sexually he's very dominant with me, which is amazing coz that's what I love However, lately I've wanted to put him in the opposite end of things and have him be dominated. Except that I don't want to be the one doing it nor do I want to witness it because he's still my dom and I don't want that image to be tarnished in my head by seeing him be submissive So as outrageous as it sounds, I want a guy to do it for me...to sexually dominate him In return, that guy would then get to borrow me and have some time with me separately Yeah definitely wasn't expecting that That's cool though no judgements at all Although you might want to change you bio to something that eludes to that It would save you time Today 8:59 p.m. May I ask why you're not? Not what? Lol Not judging Not down l'd be down to do stuff with you but the way you seem to explain it is that I have do something with your boyfriend first I'm not bi Kinda why I think you should change your bio - then you could put looking for bi dudes. Save you time This has nothing to do with labels or sexuality, it comes down to your confidence in your own sexuality. One physical act doesn't determine ones sexuality. For example, if a gay guy was to get a BJ from a girl, does it now all of a sudden make him straight? No it doesn't, he's still gay because his desire is in men. Same thing applies here Plus it's not like I've asked you to kiss him or suck his dick. You're just receiving head, that's all...that doesn't make you "gay" or anything like that. GIF Type a message Come on, let my boyfriend suck your dick