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Bad, Clothes, and God: bex @ressurectionist 11m i dont care that much usually bc i know it's only a joke but the mikey we're seeing is finally truly happy after years of addiction stemming from severe mental illness and i'd find jokes like 'what happened to him' funnier if we acknowledged that it's a good thing he's happy now bex @ressurectionist 8m 'cos for all the 'what happened to twink mikey he became a het' etc type jokes we hardly ever see actual recognition for the shit he went through to become someone he actually likes and that puts a bad taste in my mouth bex @ressurectionist 6m bc no one seems to care that he's happy they just want him to go back to the anxious depressed wreck of revenge mikey because they like the aesthetic more?? nah mate i dont love his new style either but god at least he's not dying anymore holy shit bex @ressurectionist tldr i just think those jokes would be much funnier and in a lot better taste if we recognised that it's overall a good thing that he's changed from his mcr self because he's clearly much more mentally stable and much happier with himself now even if u dont like how he dresses 9:16 AM - 18 lan 2019 cellabrated: cellabrated: cellabrated: i’m not the best at articulating but i wrote some thoughts on twitter and couldn’t be bothered turning it into a tumblr text post so here u go ok to the people saying this goes for gerard: it doesn’t. put simply, people who say they prefer gerard back when he was suffering are (rightly) told off for it. that’s clearly not the case with mikey as that’s why i made this thread in the first place. not just that, but jokes about gerard’s current clothes/lifestyle are read as insults towards him, and people say they love bullets/revenge gerard’s aesthetic without comparing him to current gerard with a ‘what happened?’  like i say in the thread, it’s not the biggest deal, but not everything that applies to mikey has to apply to gerard as well oh i also feel i should say something i put in the tags of the original post - if you’ve made fun of current mikey for being a het or whatever i don’t mean that i think you want mikey to be miserable again, it’s just a post to say it’s overall a good thing mikey’s changed and that should be acknowledged a bit more!