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Cats, Funny, and Just Do It: WHAT ARE YOU DOING DIOT Here are cats that totally hate you right now, even if you just do it because you love them. #cats # hate # humans # cat memes # funny memes # cat photos

Here are cats that totally hate you right now, even if you just do it because you love them. #cats # hate # humans # cat memes # funny meme...

Baked, Cookies, and Family: rsasai lumos5001 One of those things that the human mind doesn't actually understand is numbers. Take cookies, for instance. You look at some cookies. If there are more than four cookies, chances are that you have to actually count them. Uniess they're arranged in a specific geometric pattern, which can sometimes help (Your mind has a number associated with the pattern, and pulis that out when you look at it). So if you just look at some cookies, you dont really understand how many are there. Maybe a dozen? You dont know. So when you want to make some cookies, you find a recipe. This recipe usually telis you how many cookies it yields. A lot of the time, it's something like 18-24. 24 cookies?f you say. That might not seem like a lot. It's only two dozen, right? You try and picture in your head 24 cookies, but you cant really get a sense of the scale, of how many 24 cookies is So you're making cookies for multiple people. "24 doesnt sound like a lot of cookies for a few people... should double the recipe, is what you tell yourself. 48 cookies. That sounds a lot better, right? That's a lot of cookiest That wil be enough. So you make some cookies. Except now you have more than 48, because it's an estimation and you're not that great at dividing a batch of cookie dough into exactly 48 cookies. So you start baking them. Then you make the frosting, because you're making trosted cookies because awww yisss frosted cookies. Then all of your cookies bake. And you look at these 60 cookies you have now, and this bowl of trosting. That's a lot of cookies.. you think to yourself. Because now you see the cookies, and realize that 24 would have been enough. But you've baked them all, and made the frosting. So you settie down and start frosting cookies, one at a time. Each cookie is about three inches across. That's seven square inches of cookie. So you frost these cookies, except you cant just put them in a container because they'll have frosting on top and on the bottom and it'll be this giant mess. So you spread them out until the frosting has some time to set. Except now you need somewhere to lay them out. Each cookie may only be 7 square inches, but there's gaps. And some cookies are larger, some are smaller. It's not an even ft. So you just start spreading them over any available surface. And now your ktchen is covered in cookies And that is the story of how every available surface in my kitchen became covered in cookies. Like Comment Share 620 people Ske this thought of my friend's FB post the other day while making cookies booksnmusicals thought this was going to be something profound and meaningful but it's literally the long version of i fucked up rsasai NO BUT REALLY. Okay. So, last year I was making peanut butter cookies. I looked at the recipe, and it said that the bath would create 36 cookies. I was affronted by the idea of 36 cookies, because my family has like 16 people, and those cookies wouldn't go very far So. I doubled it. I ended up with over 250 cookies and I still don't even know /how. There were 6 other trays. Just FYI orteil42 keep going please Source: lumos5001 69,226 notes Cookies.
Adam Driver, Anaconda, and Apparently: Sean T. Collins Follow @theseantcollins weird that the person they went after from Ghostbusters was Leslie Jones. weird that the person they went after from Star Wars was Kelly Marie Tran. what on earth could explain this 5:29 AM 5 Jun 2018 7,482 Retweets 31,087 Likes rockyrz: libertarirynn: siryouarebeingmocked: grumpy-goompa: siryouarebeingmocked: skeleton-jack: cookingwithroxy: siryouarebeingmocked: derpomatic: siryouarebeingmocked: theunnamedstranger: siryouarebeingmocked: theindependentconservative: siryouarebeingmocked: friendly-neighborhood-ehrhardt: triggeredmedia: Bad acting and bad characters? other actors in those movies/franchises got shit from trolls too. melissa mccarthy. hayden christiansen. jake lloyd. laura dern. the difference is that all these media outlets didnt declare it a public crises keep reporting on it months after it was news.  in fact, jake lloyd probably got it worse than anyone, being an actual child at the time being traumatized for years because of bullying, but no one cared at the time now it only gets brought up as a tacked on example when talking about those awful modern star wars fans. hes a straight white man. what on earth could explain this? in leslie jones case, she turned it into an internet slap fight drew much more attention to her when before that she was getting no more shit than the other leads. look, we should always separate the actor from their role people who attack an actor personally for a role are scumbags, but stop injecting racism sexism into everything then using it as a shield against actual valid criticism. Not to mention Adam Driver. He’s still getting crapped on. People complained that he was playing a Jewish guy infiltrating the Klan in a historical Spike Lee movie, even though he isn’t Jewish, which is apparently Not Allowed. These are popular franchises. If a fraction of a percent of their fans are knob-ends who harass people, that would seem overwhelming to the person on the receiving end. Not to mention Rey’s a Mary Sure now and everyone called it. You do remember that I disagree with the majority opinion, right? Also, people were calling her a Mary Sue from the first movie. Sometimes based on things that literally didn’t happen, like “being a better pilot than Han”. On a ship she had literally never seen before in her life until she could pilot it BETTER than someone who’s had it forever.That’s bullshit. On a ship she had literally never seen before in her life You mean the ship that she explicitly called “junk”? The one she says she advised against certain modifications for? The one owned by the Quarter Portion guy, who used to be her guardian, as we see in the flashback? How does Rey fly the ship better than Han? Please, I haven’t seen a single piece of evidence for this in over two and a half years, but it’s treated as gospel.  Heck, he didn’t even “have it forever”, he lost it years, maybe decades ago. Better than Han is less important than outflying two Ties on her first attempt. Only due to home ground advantage, vs. two fighters designed mainly for space combat with horrible aerodynamics, and even then, she got Finn’s turret shot. Also, she’s all-but-explicitly shown to be using The Force. The dialogue draws attention to the fact that she’s flying better than she expects. ‘somebody did a thing that is entirely understandable given the context of the prior movies and the actual text of the movie at hand. But for some reason I missed these obvious things so yarrr!’ No I fully accept the explanations for it. I still think it was poorly done and added to Rey’s perception as a Mary Sue who faces no real challenges and succeeds at everything. That there’s an explanation for what she’s doing and how she’s doing it doesn’t change that I and many people think she shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. So, shedloads of people apparently ignored or missed the clear on-screen evidence to complain about this aspect of the movie, but it’s still the movie’s fault that they’re wrong, even when they’re making claims which they could not have reasonably arrived at (EG Rey’s a better pilot than Han.), and the only possible explanation is “fandom misconceptions”? just because she succeeded (lived) doesn’t mean Rey herself experienced these things as ‘easy’. how many movies out there does the hero do something unexpectedly and benefit from the results? like maybe all of them? movies would be boring if characters are powerless the entire time until the exact one moment they need to win. they need to succeed and stumble a little bit along the way. little wins and little losses until the end. if she got her arm cut off, would that remove people’s mary sue label? Thing is, people ignore the actual struggles she went through just because they have a Narrative. She didn’t just beat Kylo, he knocked her out pretty much instantly, and then Fin bought her time, and then she temporarily forced Ben back (IIRC, the book says she tapped into the Dark Side). We don’t even know if he would’ve been able to win if he got up, or even if he could get up. And this was while Kylo was bleeding out from a high-powered weapon, which the movie takes pain to remind us of. But the fanbase acts like Rey apparently beat Ben with one hand tied behind her back, wearing a blindfold, while suffering from some hideous space-combination of Avian Flu and Ebola Zaire. I’m so glad I’m not crazy. I thought I was the only one in the more conservative camp that doesn’t agree that Rey is a Mary Sue. There is lots of in-text explanation for why she excels at certain things as well as the time honored “because the Force“ answer which has applied to a lot of characters besides her. And she absolutely does have struggles even if they are primarily in emotional conflict and wrestling with her untapped strength and insecurities about her origins. These are what make the character. Calling the whole character a Mary Sue because “she fight too good“ is kind of asinine. And don’t get me started on how they bitch about her beating Kylo and forget that he was mortally wounded at the time, and bitch about her knowing something about the Millennium Falcon and mechanical engineering despite the fact that she was A PROFESSIONAL JUNKER and the ship had been on her planet probably most of her life giving her plenty of time to explore it. But yeah pretending that only the minority actors/actresses get harrassed is bullshit. Rey is 100% a Mary Sue. No training yet managed to beat Kylo Ren, flew a ship across space despite no experience, etc. @rockyrz did you read literally one word from the post above you or are you just gonna keep shouting “she’s a Mary Sue!“ and ignore all evidence to the contrary?“Managed to beat Kylo Ren”BECAUSE HE WAS FUCKING MORTALLY WOUNDED.“flew a ship across space”BECAUSE SHE HAD JUST STATED SHE WAS A PILOT.Like seriously it’s fine if you don’t like the movie but you seem kind of dumb if you just straight up ignore the evidence even it’s right in front of your face so you can keep saying the same thing over and over.