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Family, Food, and Fucking: I fucking hate my parents My parents are telling me they're going to kick me out if I don't find a job. I'm not unemployed because I'm lazy, I'm unemployed because I'm opposed to the concept on many levels. I'd actually rather die than be employed. I'm not going to waste my life lining the pockets of some capitalist fat cat millionaire while I make chump change. I'm not going to become another mindless wage slave and contribute to a corrupt and unjust system. Rant over. <p><a href="https://revealingmeandmyself.tumblr.com/post/165298354700/the-big-problem-i-have-with-this-is-that-youre" class="tumblr_blog">revealingmeandmyself</a>:</p><blockquote> <p>The big problem I have with this is that youre implying that you’ll have a choice. Once you’re out there with no money, food, or house you’ll be thinking differently. Its like the issue with all the shit they put into food. Ya know like the dyes and flavorings and stuff that’s slowly killing us. We cant control that. We can shout from rooftops that its unethical but at the end if the day when you have $3 left to get you through a week you’ll be buying boxes of mac and cheese at 49 cents a pop to survive. </p> <p><br/></p> <p>I think a better analogy would be the new episode of rick and morty. Do you think any of those Ricks were working by choice? Do you think they wanted to be there? Fuck no. They wanted to leave and go back to earth where they genius wasn’t normal. They had every opportunity to be great, but when you’re surrounded by greatness its opportunity, luck, and very good timing that lets people get ahead. </p> <p><br/></p> <p>You can spend your life not working. Fighting the system by letting yourself die. Because it is wrong and horrible and really fucking stupud. Trust me. When I got under 300 for working almost 40 hours this week I was pissed cause I knew I needed more to pay rent and buy food for my family of 5. It sucks big, hairy, disgusting testicles. I know. </p> <p><br/></p> <p>But you can’t expect to survive in a world where your only option is to become a slave to the system. You can’t expect to make it even slightly in the world as a vegan when the menu was made for meat eaters, and then expect people to listen to you. Just like you cant expect to go organic with $3 in your pocket and empty cabinets. Its a fruitless fight that will ultimately end one of a few ways. You’ll die on the side of the road. You’ll become a slave to the government, not because they’re working you but because they’re giving you the smallest amount of money they can so you can survive. And you’ll have to basically suck their dick if you need anything 90% of the time. Your parents will take pity on you, making you a burden to them until they eventually die, leaving you fucked. </p> <p><br/></p> <p>Or you’ll suck it up. You’ll get a job because you need to. Because theres no other way out. Because they made the world this way and you can scream as much as you want but in the end they are billionaires and you’re an ant compared to them. They wont even notice the noise you’re making and if you do get annoying they’ll step on you and that’ll be that. End of story.</p> <p><br/></p> <p>So grow the fuck up</p> </blockquote><p>It&rsquo;s astounding how seriously idiots take memes at face value. Like beyond the fact the meme is making fun of the rant, not in support of it, you just really seem to like to hear yourself talk. Like I&rsquo;m honestly curious what your long winded rant was supposed to accomplish? Are you talking down to a meme that isn&rsquo;t real? Do you just enjoy being painfully self righteous? Like does this honestly make you feel better about yourself? It&rsquo;s a meme. A joke. Next time you feel like getting mad at something on the internet, maybe just take a deep breath and grow the fuck up.</p>