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Basketball, Club, and Family: COMEI CLAP FOR THIS Socio-Economic Status (SES) I. Another factor- that apes a persons identity can be his socio-economic status (SES). This refers to the social standing of an individual or group of people in society s often measured as a combination of the following four factors Education level > Income Job (e.g. White-collar vs. blue-collar) White collar refers to people who work in an office or professional environment. Blue collar refers to workers who do manual work in a factory or workshop environment. Ownership of wealth, which can take the form of the kind of house you live in (e.g. HDB flat vs. 3. In Singapore, income is usually used to measure a person's SES. Sometimes, one or more of the 4. SES can determine a person's choice of language, housing, food, entertainment and activities. This 5. Some of choices could include the following privately owned property). factors are also used to determine a person's SES can also influence friends he interacts with Lower SES Higher SES Use of formal English in daily conversation orat Use of Singlish or different dialects in daily home Sports like golf or tennis at an exclusive country club Regular fine dining at expensive restaurants conversation or at home Sports like soccer or basketball at the local HDB estate Eating at hawker centres or at home Youths taking on part-time jobs during vacation time to meet basic family needs Youths traveling overseas during school holidays credits to Ahmad Matin SOCIAL STUDIES ASSESSMENT BOOK Wtf I didn't know "Socio-Economic Status" in Singapore is defined like that

Wtf I didn't know "Socio-Economic Status" in Singapore is defined like that