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Anaconda, Bad, and Cheating: Broke Homie Cliff @CliffBreazzy Follow 100 We starting a movement fellas .oooo T-Mobile 4:42 PM 30%) Zaddy I want the dick!!! London. I said no. Why How would you feel if a nigga came up to you and said i want some pussy tonight babygirl and you said no and he said i want the pussy!! He'll be considered a borderline rapist then he getting screenshotted and put on twitter as a "thirsty nigga" And also im more than just a dick. Did you know i can paint? no iMessage what do you wanna do Fuck if im off my period But if not then we can just chill and ill suck you off if you want Imao it's always just sex with you you never even ask me how my day was baileybooradly: mintedpotters: westafricanbaby: hi-imkingdavid: thefallen-king: azariathegoat: mrsolodolo24: 17mul: that-bi-guy: ghostsisreal: mega-purplezebracorn: kinghispaniola: nopos-tacabron: thetrippytrip: I’m with this movement!   me Salute to this movement This is so important! Everybody needs to value eachother!!! Yes!!!! I love this!!!! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been coerced into sex because some girl decided that she wanted it, and when I say no she turns it into some kind of criticism of her. Or I’m cheating. Or I’m actually gay. Or she starts groping me and playing with me trying to “get me in the mood”. Or she just won’t take no for an answer. After many years of this you know what I’m left with? Low self esteem, constant bad sex, depression, having all sex now feel like a chore, being terrified that if I have sex with someone I actually *like* then it won’t work out, and the feeling like I CAN’T say NO. Ladies, “No means No” isn’t just for guys. Some of us have grasped the concept. Time for you to do so as well. I support this movement 100% I’m here for this I’m tired of these double standards The move 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Mannnnn I had this conversation with this girl like the other week I’m here for this!!! AND STOP CALLING MEN GAY OR “SUSPECT” BECAUSE THEY AREN’T SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO YOU OR THEY AREN’T IN THE MOOD TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU‼️ NO MEANS NO ALL THE TIME. NO👏MEANS👏NO👏