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Beard, Love, and New Year's: DONNY CATES @Doncates 14h Yeah. Way more innocent. Childlike at times. Adam @Arctic_Adam Replying to @Doncates What type of voice do you read the symbiote? More demonic like the movie or more innocent? DONNY CATES @Doncates 14h Yes Rinienne @RinNathe Replying to @Doncates We were teased the symbiote having a name, will it ever come up again? DONNY CATES Φ @Doncates. 13h Love Joshannukah @Joshy206 @Doncates what does venom smell like DONNY CATES Ф @Doncates. 14h Beard was my call, yeah. I think the symbiote will love it as long as it makes Eddie happy. Rinienne @RinNathe Replying to @Doncates Ok, last... three in one? I swear. Was it your idea to give Eddie beard? Can he keep it? Do you think the symbiote will like it when it comes back? 91t16 62 symbisexual-disaster: symbisexual-disaster: However, in an effort to be more positive this year, which will last for approximately 4 hours, here are some things from the AMA that I kind of liked? He does write the symbiote voice as very childlike, which I love, so…credit for that, at least.  remember yesterday morning when I was going to give Donny the benefit of the doubt and try to find things in his stupid replies that I liked? Adorable ^ this one is really rubbing me the wrong way. Eddie Venom have been in a canonically romantic relationship since like, 1995 or whatever. Venom shouldn’t have a childlike voice because a) that’s kinda gross and b) it’s how many decades/ centuries old before it got to Eddie?It’s not a great thing to conflate innocence and childlike qualities as being the same thing. You can have one w/o the other.Anyway, we’re going into the new year fully realising that Donny Cates is a fuckwit and I’m only picking the comic up once he gets fired and the queer stuff is back on the menu.