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Clothes, Fucking, and Gif: Bend thathighclassbitch: asprodente: darkvioletcloud: trilllizard666: ilyvbs: popipo12345: ilyvbs: nessa but she isn’t hypersexualized and her back makes sense  “Nintendo always gives their black female characters revealing outfits!!!!” Lenora, Pokemon Black and White Iris, Pokemon Black and White Twintelle, ARMS if anyone’s got any other examples, feel free to add on. HOW IS NOT OVERSEXUALIZED  also lenora looks like a mammy iris is the only fucking one with an okay design how about you listen to black people when they try to tell you shit huh “Lenora looks like a mammy” ….please learn what a mammy looks like before more stupid spills out of your mouth, thanks LENORA IS AN ARCHAEOLOGIST YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS THAT APRON? KEEPS THE DUST OFF OF HER BLOUSE WHEN SHE’S UNCOVERING SHIT PLAY THE FUCKING GAME AND YOU’D REALIZE IT And excuse me, OP? How is this hypersexualized? It’s not even sexualized, it’s just a fucking two-piece swim suit. It’s less revealing than a bikini. Fuck off. Tumblr: girls should be able to wear whatever they want!!!! Female character: shows any skin Tumblr: “Lenora looks like a mammy” what the fucking fuck? She’s just wearing a blouse and wide leg pants and holding her hair back with a scarf. Do you have literally any clue what a mammy looks like?Literally what makes her a mammy? The fact that she’s wearing clothes that cover her up and has an apron swung around her back? So if she wears too few clothes she sexualized but if she wears too many clothes she’s a mammy? What the hell do you want? I swear y’all clutch your pearls more than old Baptist grandmothers at the slightest hint to the existence of boobs or butts or anything even the tiniest bit revealing of skin on any part of the body.And yeah it’s a good thing white girls in Pokémon never get their skin revealed everGet off Tumblr and find an actual problem.