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srsfunny:How To Raise A Happy Kid: HOW TO Hppy Successful Cooperative CHILD O Disciplining Child's Happiness WHILE DISCIPLINING LESS in 5 simple steps START WHERE THEY STUMP YOU There's a (hidden message in your child's behavior 2 IDENTIFY YOUR CHILD'S TRUE NATURE TYPE 3 TYPE 4 The THE Fun-lovingSensitice Determined MORE SERIOUS Child Child CHILD O THE WORL social TO THE WORLD O THE WORLD bouncy and subtle and active and and exact PRIMARY NEED PRIMARY NEED MARY NEED have fun, happy parents feelings heard, new expenences respect, given and received ESCROED A efficient, analytical, DSCRBED AS gentle, tender mindful DESCRBED AS friendly, bright, light-hearted UDGED AS flighty, hyperactive, busy, persistent UDGED AS UDGED AS JUDGED AS shy, wimpy pushy, demanding loud INTERPRET THE TANTRUM (or fight or rebellion Your child is telling you something, even if they don't know how to say it. Ask vourself... TYPE TYPE 2 TYPE 3 TYPE 4 Does my child Does my child feel unheard need to feel or physical outlets?more respected? Has my child had too much Have my child's plans beer Has my child been told "No Does my child need some time to too often lately?reflect and focus? Is something in my child's life too serious? Is something in my child's life too intense? my child's life my child's life Time to make some changes... 4 BE INTUITIVE, NOT REACTIVE TYPE TYPE 2 TYPE 3 TYPE 4 Surprise your child. Reassure your child. Facilitate friendship.Give time to relax. Have fun with them. Encourage your child.Respect their authority Let them move fast. Connect with them Allow adventre. Focus when listening 5 ENJOY THE JOY! you should probably go to TheMetaPicture.com srsfunny:How To Raise A Happy Kid

srsfunny:How To Raise A Happy Kid