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Af, Bloods, and Fam: Me: The fam sleeping Inner me: bark @Dr. mash ve Men getchu a girl who play-fight. U feel me? A girl who gon poke u. Tickle u. Jump up on top of u and try to pin u. Hell for me I need my girls all the way crazy so I like it when a girl put me in a headlock or twist my arm and do the thing where I could sneeze and she could snap my arm like a twig for the simple reason that it make my PP hard when a woman endanger my life lol. But real talk getchu a girl who play-fight because she frisky. And then flip it on her and hold her down and show her u a manly ass man who gon restrain the fvck out of her and then give her that deep pipe like a boss. Now ladies lemme warn u. Be very careful with this shit if u with a brother like me who was raised in the hood. We have danger sensors. We got PTSD from being at barbecues and hearing shit pop off and we don't know if it's gunfire or the Mexicans doing fireworks in August again (Mexicans do fireworks 12 months per year that's why I love them, u eating a turkey leg on thanksgiving and they lighting M80s lol.) But nah u could play-fight but don't like, surprise me and jump on my back when I enter the room like a MF ninja in the dark because on God I will punch you in the nose hard AF (on accident) and when u show up to the ER unconscious with blood pouring down your titties looking like a very good Halloween costume the police gon come into the hospital and take your statement and u gon have no choice but to be honest: "I fucked around with a real one and he punched my lights out, it was my fault officer please don't press charges." Unless your man gave you herpes - then lie and say it's domestic abuse - now u could put him away for a couple years and let him catch a few more STDs from Tito and Ronaldo in cell block 9 payback 😂😂😂