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Bruh, Chill, and Dating: in a box a box @DrSmashlove See Bruh this pup is regal. Refined. His father founded a consulting firm in Boston that he sold in 2008 for $575m, so he's rich, but he's a classy rich dude. Like instead of driving a douchebag red Ferrari, he drive a baby blue Porsche 911 Turbo, because he knows it's the best. So lil man was raised with the trappings of wealth but is never cocky, and doesn't even let people know he's rich. In addition, he has his own career, as a senior VP of corporate development at a growing tech firm like GrubHub. He works hard despite being born to wealth because he wanna be his own man, u feel me? Like baby girl u met him on Coffee and Bagel and u dating him for eight months and he all "hey would you be up for spring break with my fam? If not NP" and u just like "fuck it why not" and then he send u an itinerary where a helicopter pick u up and fly u to a remote island off the coast of North Carolina and u call your mama all like "MOM LOL SO ANDREW INVITED ME TO HIS FAMILY'S PRIVATE ISLAND" and your mom all "sweetie I saw a Facebook forward on this, be careful, this could be an elaborate hoax and he could be kidnapping you" and u send her the itinerary that show the pilot's name and she just like "sweetie I am happy for you! I've waited too long for grand kids!" and u just like "MOM GOD LOL". And u go to the island and their family's chef makes rib eye and mint juleps and then late night grilled cheeses while y'all hanging at the beach and u tempted to snap chat it but u also know your friends are low key jealousy betches who will ruin this shit for u so u chill lol. Shout to this lil man, Andrew Hunter Bedford IV. Wealthy but classy. And he's in a box 😍😂😂😂 (pup: @murphy_lou_bobo)