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Bones, Children, and College: authorbettyadams tumbl Follow themagdalenwriting marzo2theletter Let Me Talk About Werewolves for a Second Why is it that every werewolf book is this weird testosterone fueled alpha male/female romance thing? Like guys. Werewolves are family groups. They are basically big ol dog families Your werewolf family wouldn't be made up of alpha males fighting each other for dominance and subjugating females If there was a werewolf in your neighborhood, they'd be that family of 10 kids always roughhousing outside and their house is the one all the neighborhood kids go to hang out at because Mr. Werewolf and Mrs. Werewolf are the Cool Parents that their kids find really embarrassing avatar-dacia Wait...Emily? Aren't she and her whole family...you know? "Don't believe everything you've heard, worst thing that's ever happened over there is the twins teething on visitors' shoes." prokopet Here's the thing, though While the notion of the "alpha wolf" is indeed misguided, being based on observations of wolves in captivity, the dominance thing does happen. And it's not just the adult males, adult females do it too - but it's only a thing when wolves who aren't related by blood end up sharing a habitat. So consider: by some happenstance, two unrelated werewolf families end up living across the street from one another. Of course they're not going to stat brawling in the streets - they're civilised people, after all - but that urge to show the other pack who's boss comes out in other ways, resulting in the two clans getting, like, weirdly competitive about everything Imagine the Hallowe'en displays avatar-dacia "Wow...the Phelans and Ochoas both really went all-out with the decorations Are those real bones?" That's just how they are, they'll find absolutely any excuse to showboat at each other like that. And they're definitely real-right down to the toothmarks authorbettyadams Something to think about though: Do you know what would be for all intents and purposes the *EXACT CIRCUMSTANCE* where wolves are shown to display the classic Alpha/Beta dominance behavior? ie A bunch of unrelated (usually unmated') young adults forced into close proximity in competition for unnaturally distributed resources? Where their actions are being observed and controlled by impartial" and ignorant authorities? Where they are forced to be at crowded events when their "cycles" are flaring up? SCHOOL Regular public school, college, even and especially boarding school meet all the criteria to force young, undeveloped werewolves into an intensely unhealthy situation Of course the parents would know this, they would take steps to ensure their children were not stressed out. Conclusions: Werewolves are homeschoolers That big, rowdy family whose science projects make the local news, who only shows up at school to ace the standardized testing once a year, who spends weeks at a time out on family hunting trips, whose innumerable uncles and aunts are always dropping in with food. Those are the werewolves Source:marzopup #extended family #werewolves #1fe #homeschool #homeschooling #school #study #science 49,857 notes How to tell if any of your neighbors are werewolves

How to tell if any of your neighbors are werewolves

Complex, God, and Sex: ORIENTATION G GENDER IDENTITY Sexual attraction: attraction that makes people desire sexual contact or shows sexual interest in another person(s) Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person(s) A-lack of attraction Bi-attraction toward one or more genders Hetero-attr action towards the gender opposite of oneself Homo-attraction towards the same gender as oneself tion toward all genders/"regardless of gender" But wait, there's more! Abro-fluctuates between different Gray-does not normally experience attraction, butmay experienceit sometimes under rare or specific circumstances, mayhaveno desire to act on attraction Placio-little to no desireto receive sexual/romantic acts but desires performing them on someone else Akoi-(or Lith-) experiences attraction, but doesn't wish for it to be acted on/reciprocated Apothi-sex-repulsed/romance- repulsed Autochoris-disconnection between oneself and a sexual target/object of arousal; may enjoy pornbut feelsno desire toparticipate Poly- attraction tomultiple genders (butnot necessarily all genders) Quoi-not knowing where one fits on Cetero-attraction to only nonbinary the spectrum; or notidentifyingwith any of the existing labels Cupio-lack of attraction, but desires arelationship Recipro-Experiencing attraction only after realizing someone is Demi-attraction only after a bond hasbeen formed Requies-limited or no attraction/interest/activity due to some form of emotional exhaustiorn Fray-attraction fades after initially meeting someone Just add -sexual or -romantic to the end of these stems! homoflexible: primarily attracted to members of the same-sex but occasionally finds themselves attracted to the opposite sex heteroflexible: primarily attracted to the opposite sex but occasionally finds themselves attracted to the same-sex What's gender? Gender # Sex Sex is determined by genitalia, while gender is a social construct thatrefers to a person's experience of their identity. Gender identity is how a person thinks of their own gender within themselves. Gender is complex and goes way beyond just"male" and"female." Graygender: ambivalent about their gender identity/expression, butwho Agender: nogender/genderless dentifies atleast partially with a Alia/Aporagender: defines gender as other' or apart from existing genders Androgyne: identi fies as androgynous, gender-wise Bigender: twogenders, canidentif as both, or movebetween the two gender (defined or not) outside of he binary Intergender: in themiddle between the binary genders of female and male, and may beamix of both; intended for intersex people to use Cisgender: gender is same as sex they were assigned atbirth Demigender: feeling a partial, but not a full, connection to a particular Pangender: experiencing a wide variety of genders, may feel that they experience gendersbeyond their ability to describe or beyond thosewhich are currently recognized Polygender:'many genders; experiencemultiple gender identities, either simultaneously or varying between them gender identity (also called: demiboy, demigirl) Genderfluid: moves between genders, their gender isnot something that they or anyone can pin down and define Transgender: self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender Genderflux: Having a gender that varies inintensity or degree over time, related to but distinct from genderfluid Trigender: one shifts between or among the stereotypical behaviors of male, female, and a third gender thesinisstronginthisone: onepieceistruepain: mxcleod: mmikan: Here’s information about sexual/romantic orientations and gender identities that I put together! I..I don’t do graphic design, so this isn’t that great. Also, I’m very sorry if I missed your orientation or identity or got some information wrong. Sources: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Flags: (1) Top photo: (1) I hope this helps some of you out! Oh god. I never realized!! I’m placiosexual. I’m so glad I found this!!!!! This is really important because I used to identify as ‘questioning/unlabelled’ with my sexuality because I never knew that I could identify as ‘Quoisexual’ (excuse me if the spelling is wrong) instead of spending all that time debating over pan and bi. I now identify as bi (two or more) but this could have really helped me earlier on and I hope it helps others identify themselves if they do wish. I think being able to give myself an official label whilst I wasn’t sure what I was would have been amazing because it’s so reassuring to know that there is a flag and everything.And I didn’t know there were that many genders!!!! I feel so happy now that I am more educated and that this exists to help and educate people!! Yay!

thesinisstronginthisone: onepieceistruepain: mxcleod: mmikan: Here’s information about sexual/romantic orientations and gender identities...