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Beautiful, Bitch, and Children: kalichnikov "Terf is a slur used to silence us" dang bitch wish it worked shut the fuck up Source: kalichnikov nermish-ish-blog asked: BORK! What the heck is a terf? Thought it was a trans slur but idk now. paper-mario-wiki answered: trans exclusive radical feminist. basically a shitty person, usually a really angry talk-to-your- manager type woman who believe trans women shouldnt have a say in feminist issues because they arent "real" women. paper-mario-wiki also they tend to reclaim the lesbian D*ke slur a LOT which is weird. criticalfrog| Transwomen are male. Males do not get to speak about feminism because they are men. You are also a man and should not speak on feminism |radicalyobi feminism is not for males paper-mario-wiki cool, youre fundamentally and objectively incorrect, and also dont talk anymore 4:47 AM-12 Apr 2019 36,016 Retweets 90,837 Likes gahdamnpunk Beautiful cial honey-harpe It's almost as if it's not damaging their self esteem, image to their classmates, and wow it's like people want to be treated with kindness a-room-of-my-own I tried that with kids at a summer camp I worked at about 10 years ago. They had activities after lunch and I proposed dancing and relaxation. They loved it. The especially cute thing was one day, I brought a few CDs of Roma music, I'm a big fan so I have quite a few from Django Reinhardt manouche jazz to Roma folk songs. There were Roma children from Kosovo, but I didn't know if the songs were in their language or not. Turned out they were and the kids were just happy! That's one of my fondest memories of that summer. They taught SO the lyrics to the other children (and to me ha!) and also how to dance. As for relaxation, one hyperactive boy came everyday and really appreciated it. Photos Videos Marketplace Pages Places - Fsuwr 22 points 2 days ago Wait for a paper bill then call your ins company. All ER visits are supposed t in network. You may have to push the ef Everyday Feminism 572K like this Society & Culture Website Laura and 18 other friends like this Liked permalink embed save report give gold re Check out our online magazine Learn how to apply feminism to your r... heidycge2 3 points 1 day ago Usually policies have a waiver if y this was the only ER you could go Like Being Feminist amarnanru unu fared at the time 160K like this - Community Valentina and 10 other friends like this Open Link in New Tab 6+ Matching Posts Open Link in New Container Tab Open Link in New Window ARCA ARTANE Like Family Research Council Open Link in New Private Window 243K like this Publisher Bookmark This Link Family Research Council is the nation's premier advocacy organizat... BINCE Save Link As... Save Link to Pocket Copy Link Location Shinigami Eyes Mark as anti-trans Mark as t-friendly Clear Help paper-mario-wiki: polyglotplatypus: hey there! are you tired of accidentally reblogging from TERFs and other transphobes? then have no fear, for the shinigami eyes extension (chrome/firefox) is there for you. with it, you can identify social media users and pages that are trans-friendly and the ones that are transphobic! never reblog from a transphobe again. oh thats me! hi me! cool extension.