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Bodies , Club, and Logic: ALL forms of mercury are classified as a GENETIC TERMINATOR. Thirrmosal is 49.5% mercury Like Reply Message 1d Edited Hide 17 Replies Nope Like Reply Message d Please, prove me wrong Like Reply Message 1d The Logic of Science Let me try to explain it this way. Sodium is extremely reactive. It literally explodes when it touches water Chlorine is highly toxic at anything but very low doses. Table salt (aka sodium chloride) is 50% sodium and 50% chlorine. Does that mean that it will explode when it touches water and give you chlorine poisoning? Obviously not. When sodium and chlorine are together, they change each others properties, and neither chemical behaves the way it would by itself The same thing is true with mercury. The ethyl group in ethyl- mercury changes the mercury's properties, just like the chlorine changes the sodium's properties P.S. No forms of mercury are classified as "genetic terminators because that is not a term that is used to classify chemicals. It's literally a made-up term th 0592 Like Reply 1m Edited at no regulatory bodies use The Logic of Science As a final note, you have the burden of proof backwards when you insist that other people need to prove you wrong. You made the claim, therefore you are responsible for providing evidence to support the claim. No one is obligated to discredit the claim or take it seriously until you have provided evidence 0S66 laughoutloud-club: Anti-vax gets destroyed

laughoutloud-club: Anti-vax gets destroyed

Meme, Memes, and Vine: Tu OTATU POTATO CHL SALT& INEGA VINE Taking picture with the little girl. Little did we know Keanu knows about memes until you see his hand. Got em with that dead meme!

Taking picture with the little girl. Little did we know Keanu knows about memes until you see his hand. Got em with that dead meme!

Barbie, Memes, and Rosie: Kisah Boneka Barbie yang Jadi Pembongkar Kasus Pembunuhan Rumit Seorang Gadis 6 Tahun HUMANDoD Rosie Tapia, gadis 6 tahun dari Salt Lake City, Amerika Serikat, menjadi korban pembunuhan pada 1995. Sayangnya, pembunuhan tersebut cukup rumit dan belum terungkap hingga kini. Namun, pada minggu ini, polisi kembali mencoba mengungkap pembunuhan tersebut tepat pada ulang tahun Rosie ke-30, seperti diwartakan Daily Mirror pada Rabu (23-1-2019). Dan satu-satunya petunjuk tersisa yang bisa digunakan untuk mengungkap kasus pembunuhan ini adalah sebuah boneka Barbie. Ibu anak sekolah itu, Lewine Tapia, mengatakan boneka itu ada di antara beberapa barang yang tersisa di kuburan putrinya. Sekarang, Koalisi Kasus Dingin Utah mengatakan, dua orang penyelidik yang terhubung dengan kasus tersebut, diduga memiliki fiksasi dengan boneka Barbie. Mainan itu dibawa pulang oleh Lewine, ia menjelaskan bahwa, benda itu bisa menjadi barang yang sangat berarti. Menurut tes DNA, boneka ini sedang diselidiki dari mana asalnya. Salah satu pendiri koalisi yang menyelidiki kasus ini, Karra Porter menjelaskan, "jika ada seseorang yang datang kesana mengetahui siapa yang meninggalkannya disana, mungkin informasi akan diterima. Bahkan mungkin, kami bisa menghemat sumber daya untuk menyelidiki kasus ini," terangnya. Meski demikian, ibunya, Lewine sendiri mengatakan tidak yakin bahwa investigasi ini akan membuahkan hasil. Dia hanya mengatakan bahwa, "Saya berharap Tuhan membiarkan saya hidup sampai kita menemukan orang yang membunuh putri saya." Rosie diculik dari rumahnya pada dini hari 13 Agustus 1995, dan secara brutal mengalami pelecehan seksual. Tubuhnya ditemukan di sebuah kanal beberapa jam kemudian. Tetapi, tidak ada yang pernah dihukum karena pembunuhan yang mengerikan itu belum berhasil terungkap. Satu-satunya benda yang mungkin bisa mengungkap pembunuhan itu hanyalah boneka Barbie yang secara misterius ditinggalkan di kuburannya. Sumber: intisari-online.com

HUMANDoD Rosie Tapia, gadis 6 tahun dari Salt Lake City, Amerika Serikat, menjadi korban pembunuhan pada 1995. Sayangnya, pembunuhan tersebu...

Bless Up, Emoji, and Food: Dunkin doesn't eat unless I microwave his food bc he thinks once it goes in the microwave it magically becomes human food 0:32 Beloveds! Very, very important! I gotta share something with y’all. At work, u gon have mentors. Bosses that take a interest in u. U feel me? They gon push u along. They gon support u. They gon look out for u. But as a dear friend once told me...there’s one thing they NOT gon do. Y’all ready? Y’all ready for this A1 Sauce? Y’all receptive? Nah. U know what I think y’all distracted on this Friday imma address this another time LMAO JK HERE IT GOES: one thing that mentor is NOT gon do is take money out of HIS paycheck, and put it in yours. READ THAT CAREFULLY. If it’s between your paycheck and his paycheck, he gon choose his paycheck 10 times out of 10. Not nine! see y’all not listening! 😂 Y’all sitting back like “nah some bosses are cool, my boss Phil is amazing, Phil will gladly go to HR and say ‘please bump Sally’s salary by $30,000 and decrease mine by a commensurate amount - I insist 😌’” <— men don’t make this emoji face because Phil don’t exist HE 👏 DONT 👏 EXIST 👏 BELOVED 👏 HE 👏 ON 👏 THE 👏 WAITING 👏 LIST 👏 FOR 👏 THAT 👏 NEW 👏 TESLA 👏 THAT 👏 30 👏 THOU 👏 BEEN 👏 SPUNT 👏 ARREDDY 👏- aight? He is not - I repeat not - gon prefer ya paycheck to his. Not gon happen! Not now not never! U feel me? So what that mean. IT MEAN U GOTTA ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF. “But smash imma be ‘the b!tch’ at work if I complain” GOOD. BE THE B!TCH LMAO. U KNOW WHAT B!TCHES DO? THEY GET PAID WHAT’S OWED TO THEM. THEN MEN GET MAD AND CALL THEM A B!TCH. IF THEY CALL U A B!TCH, 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 U DID SOMETHING RIGHT, AND THEY SALTY. BIG SALT. MORTONS. HIMALAYA ROCK SALT U FEEL ME? THE PINK JOINT. DONT LET A LABEL DISCOURAGE U. LET IT *EN* COURAGE U - TO GET WHAT U DESERVE. AIGHT? LOVE YALL. BLESS UP 😍😂😂 (Slide 1: @dunkinandkirby. Slide 2: @cantuonwheels)

Beloveds! Very, very important! I gotta share something with y’all. At work, u gon have mentors. Bosses that take a interest in u. U feel me...

Lawyer, Love, and Shoes: the funniest thing in the entire pirates of one scene in At World's End where they have parlay but davy jones is part of it and rather then have him stand in thhe shallows or something they get a big bucket of water and have in stand on it who thought of that idea? who thought put davy jones in a bucket of water and had the guts to suggest aloud? and then who went "hey that sounds at some point someone toid davy janes bucket of water and he agreed to it tis ok but notice the trail of buckets behind before he got into the one hes standing It's even funnier when you consider how he must have figured all this out in the Some folic are asking wel, if he can avaid the no-dry-land curse simply by standing in a bucket, doesn't that ruin his whole motvation?" but he's not on The parley takes place on a sandbar the shore, that spends most of its time What Jones is doing here is rules- the trial and error he must have gone through in order to determine that this "Okay, do islands count as dry land? How about parts of the share below the high tide mark? Reefs? Shoas? What if Does it have to be seawater, ar will ay water do? Does it have to be a natural Pretty sure that this implies that the the water toig bucket with just a bit of sand), would quaify as dry land. That's absurd, so I'm pretty sure that his lawyer pulled a fast one over the curse It may be absurd, but the text of the fitm bears it out Davy Jones can sense the presence of his heart while it's a sea, but not whie it's on land indeed that's why he buried it on land in the first place to break his connection with it)-yet placing the heart n a simplo jar land does, aven ifth0 jar is a boat at filled with dirt absolutely count as dry land for the purpose of Jonescrse Then the reverse should aso be true. i he buried it in a jer of water, no matter how far inland it is, he would be able to senso it. So by this logia, any container a curse than it is to weasel around i-I figune that's why he's using multple forbidden to set foot on dry land, but it's technically not dry land (it's a exposed only at low tide) and he technicaly ddn't set foot on it thes standing in a bucker of wateri. It's ckay but this all raises one further, very dry land he's forbidden from, what can Davy Jones fight you in salt marshes? can he trow down in a pear This is the quality content I come to could he step ฉn land if his shoes are No matter how ridiculous PotC gets l will love it. Especially when it results in What it he crawis around on his hands and inees, with his teet raised slightly nto the air? Can he walk on his hands? Can he ride around in a litter or What if he flies over dry land? Like in a hot air baloon, or in the clews of a giant Whar it hes carried by two swaliows In fact im not entirely sure thalt it wasnt At Wit’s End

At Wit’s End