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Family, Kkk, and Memes: Pvramid of White Supremac Genocide In a pyramid, every brick depends on the ones below it for Murdor Violence Police Shootings support. If the bricks at the Lynching Hate Crimes bottom are removed, the whole Calls for Violence Polce Brutalitystructure comes tumbling down. Neo-Nazis KKK The N Word Confoderato Flags Burning Crosses Discrimination Mass Incarceration Swastkoa Racial Profling School-to-prison P polino Hring Dison stop and Frisk Redlining Anti-Immigration Policies Foaring Pooplo of Color Racial Slurs Funding Schools Locally Victim Blaming Predatory L Racist Jokes Veiled Racism Paternalism English-only Initiatives Euro-Centric Curriculum Bootstrap Theory Racist Mascots Tokonism Claiming Reverse Racism Cultural Appropriation Colorblindnoss Tone Policing Minimization We all belong to the human race Donial of Whito Privlogo Whito Savior Complox Post-Racial Society "Why can't we all just get along? it doesnt matter who you voto for White Ally Speaking over Poc False Equivocation ts just a joke! Get over slavery Not all whito pooplo.. But my Black friend said.. Not Bolioving Exporionces of POC Prioritizing Intontions over Impact Racist Jokes Indifference Two Sides to Every Story Avoilding Confrontation with Racist Family Mombors doosn't affoct mo Not Challenging Remaining Apolitical Adapted from Elien Tuzzolo and Ssfehouse Progressive Ariance for Nonvio ence's diagram 厘thesociologicalcinema Pyramid of White Supremacy In a pyramid, every brick depends on the ones below it for support. If the bricks at the bottom are removed, the whole structure comes tumbling down. SmashWhiteSupremacy 👊🏾✊🏽 . Via @feministastic

SmashWhiteSupremacy 👊🏾✊🏽 . Via @feministastic

Being Rich, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump: IF HAVE TO JUMP SIX FEET TO GET THE SAME THING THAT YOU HAVE TO JUMP TWO FEET FOR THAT'S HOW RACISM WORKS. TO BE PRESIDENT OBAMA HAD TO BE SCHOLARLY INTELLIGENT. PRESIDENT OF THE HARVARD LAW REVIEW THE PRODUCT OF SOME OF OUR GREATEST EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. CAPABLE OF TALKING TO TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS. DONALD TRUMP HAD TO BE RICH AND WHITE. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE. For those of you that would claim Trumps presidency has nothing to do with race . Why isn't BenCarson president he is a world renowned GENIUS neurosurgeon and worth over 20 million but was raised by a single mom in poverty. He picked himself up by the bootstraps and still lost to a man that came from wealth and his ONLY qualification was being white . Where is the lie 🤔 17thsoulja BlackIG17th amerikkkandoublestandard Could anyone other than a male of European decent get elected president with a pending rape case which was dropped , a fraud case which was settled out of court. Three baby mommas and a wife that plagiarized the sitting First Lady with nude photos readily available on the internet ? No need to mention his multiple bankruptcies and absolutely NO experience in public office. 🤔 then he turns around an selects Ben Carson who admittedly is unqualified for public office yet ran for president to the position of Housing and urban development secretary. Just because he's black yet he never lived in public housing himself. Now you see the kind of skewed logic we are dealing with...

For those of you that would claim Trumps presidency has nothing to do with race . Why isn't BenCarson president he is a world renowned GENIU...

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No mention of the actual reason for imgur's existence.