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Advice, America, and Bless Up: The moment you tell her to 'go get it! Say bruh have u ever craved flaming hot Cheetos covered in nacho cheese and jalapeños with a sundae next to it that has mangoes, ice cream, sprinkles, a banana and a whole bunch of other sweet delicious things that don’t necessarily go together? “Smash is u pregnant? U suppose to be a man? Where these cravings come from?” I am a man and I am not pregnant cot damn it is called leg day at the gym and my quads jello RN and this place is real asf it is called La Michoacana 🍦😍. You do not have to be carrying a baby to enjoy this heavenly place, but if you are, it probably make it that much better 🤰🏻. You can find these joints everywhere. There are a bunch in Chicago and they are splendid. “wow smash you really gon stunt on us like that, I live in Bombacrab Missouri, we don’t have anything that spicy here.” BISH YES U DO, LOOK 👏 FOR 👏 THE 👏 MEXICANS 👏😂. I been telling y’all they got treasures for days u just gotta be exploratory. Perhaps a Mangonada? Lil mango wif chamoy sauce, mangos, lime juice, chili powder? “HOT SPICES ON FRUIT SMASH U EITHER WILDING OR U REALLY MEXICAN.” well I am not Mexican so that mean I am wilding, yes, AND? 😂 just put in ya mouth. personally I eat a$$ so I’ll try anything once ... my palette very experimental 🥳. The worst that can happen is that you love it and then you start making mangonada for yourself and then put on your tinder profile that you make a mean mangonada and you get swiped by a young investment banker named Julio who grew up around Mexico city and then got a degree in engineering and moved to America to kill it in banking and now you getting married and taking trips first class on his frequent flyer miles and your friend Megan is like “damn my boyfriend Jim is still sleeping on my couch, playing fork knife on my TV and stealing money out of my purse how did you get to be balling like this?” And you can say I took smash’s advice and started making spicy mango drinks and now I’m pregnant with my third mixed baby and we going to Paris next month. Boom! Bless up 😍😂
Bodies , Books, and Click: WATCH LIVE Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court NNIU.S. World Politics Business Opinion Health Entertainment| Style | Travel Sports Video Live TV | U.S. Edition + KAVANAUGH CONFIRMED HUFFPOSTI EDITION BREAKING NEWS SUPREME FARCE: KAV CONFIRMED set station npr shop sign in news arts&life music topics programs & podcasts BREAKING NEWS Hon. Bret M.Kavanaugh Win McNamee/Getty Images POLITICS Kavanaugh Confirmed To Supreme Court The federal appeals court judge was confirmed after a narrow Senate vote largely along party lines Saturday afternoon that ended a weeks-long battle over his controversial nomination. Demonstrators Gather At U.S. Capitol In Anticipation Of Kavanaugh's Confirmation BBC Sign in News SportWeather Shop Earth Travel NEWS Home Video World US&Canada UK Business Tech ScienceStories Ent US & Canada Brett Kavanaugh nomination: Victory for Trump in Supreme Court vote 6 minutes ago Share E a ESPAÑOL 中文(CHINESE) ENGLISH SUBSCRIBE NOW LOG IN The VewHork Times Saturday, October 6, 2018 Today's Paper World U.S Politics N.Y. Business Opinion Tech Science Health Sports Arts Books Style Food Travel Magazine Magazine Real Estate Video Got a confidential news tip? Do you have the next big story? Share it with our journalists. S.&P 500 Sign Up for 'Weeknight Recipes' Face down a busy week by cooking a big batch of chili 55 F 55 52 Dow Senate Confirms Kavanaugh 50-48, After Bitter Partisan Battle A deeply divided Senate voted on Saturday to confirm Judge Brett M Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, delivering a victory to President Trump and ending a rancorous Washington battle. Majority of votes needed YES NO Pres. Republicans 4901 Democrats 1 48 O Total 50 48 1 The final result was expected; all senators had announced their intentions by Friday, after the nomination cleared a crucial procedural hurdle. The Vote Count This is how each senator voted on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Just Now Bitter Tenor of Senate Reflects a Nation at Odds With Itself The battle over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh has exposed a climate of partisan distrust rivaled by few other moments in the recent past. 2h ago 6m ago Click to Listen After a highly contentious nomination process, senators deliver the final vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images scribbledsilence: A woman came forward and pointed out her assaulter because she believed that it was her civic duty. A woman came forward with her allegations after years of getting therapy for the trauma she had experienced as a child. A woman came forward despite how scared she was to face her assaulter in front of a nation. A woman came forward and made a testament in front of a committee as the whole world watch, despite the hate and death threats she was getting. A woman came forward and spoke up about her assault, about what her accuser had done in detail, and had thousands upon thousands of people standing by her. Supporting her. Believing her. And yet, many people still did not listen. many people still called her a liar. many people still threatened her. many people still supported her abuser. many people still believed the word of a man over the word of a woman. Of a victim. Next time you think men are the victims and women have everything to gain by speaking up about their assault, please explain to me when you have ever seen that to be the case. All I see is that a women spoke up about her sexual assault, and yet she was pushed aside and ignored as her abuser was granted a lifetime position in the highest court in the country. All I see is an abuser has been appointed to a position in which he would be able to further control women and their rights to their own bodies. All I see is another reason why women are so frightened to and believe that they shouldn’t speak up about their assault. Because it wouldn’t matter. Because nothing would happened. Because you failed her.

scribbledsilence: A woman came forward and pointed out her assaulter because she believed that it was her civic duty. A woman came forward w...