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Apparently, Friends, and Gym: "He walked downstairs, noticing how his limp penis pressed against the front of his underwear, his nubile balls dangling hairily below Manataerys Stormborn @SaveTheMayotee Follow If female writers wrote characters of the opposite sex like male writers do 4:12 PM - Sep 8, 2017 Charlotte, NC randaness: persephone-devotee: probablefox: thescienceofjohnlock: love-in-mind-palace: totallysilvergirl: addignisherlock: mareebrittenford: writing-while-female: spellbound7: butterynutjob: fluffle-talk: rocket-pool: Dying rn @butterynutjob He stopped in front of the mirror and sighed. His penis was just a little too large to be fashionable, and his balls were just a little lopsided. Most days it didn’t bother him, but today he pushed at his genitals, trying to make them look more normal, like the men in magazines. It was hopeless. He dropped his junk in resigned frustration. There were worse things than having too large of a penis, he thought. While, granted, some writers do take the breast thing too far, this comparison doesn’t even make sense. Men don’t obsess about their genitals the way women obsess about their breasts because they’re not in your face all the time (in the case of large boobs). Breasts are just more visible (closer to eye level). Newsflash! Women don’t obsess about our breasts.  No really, we live with them 24/7, we can see friends, and relatives breasts pretty much on demand, hell, we just have to go to get changed at the gym to be inundated with boobs. They are really boring to us (ad while we’re on it, nowhere near as sensitive as so many men seem to think!). The only time a woman might obsess about her breasts is when they’re painful, such as when lactating or wearing an ill-fitting bra, and neither situation is at all sexy. Men obsess over women’s breasts. Women don’t.  I’m just loling about supposedly obsessing over my breasts because they’re near my face. “In your face all the time (in case of large boobs)” So apparently large breasts are gravity-defying objects that rise up to our face until eye level, huh?? Any women out there willing to draw out how this guy’s version of boob reality might look like, because this is just too ridiculous 😂😂😂 I needed this belly-laugh, I really did, so many you did too. I..am..idk 🤣😂🤣 And before anyone says anything about women who are into women: breasts can be attractive, but they’re still mundane and we are perfectly able to not ogle or feel abashed when in the presence of bare-breasted people. dooooo your boobs float highdo they wobble toward the skycan you not help but obsesson your face-invading chestcan you cup them in your handsand bounce them like a marching banddo your boobs. float. high.