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Af, Ass, and Bitch: the first date vs. when ur in a relationshijp I took my girl to red lobster on the first date she elegantly ate her cheddar biscuits with the highest form of etiquettecy. Once you get in a relationship everything changes. Its Friday and I'm heading to my girls crib. I call her ahead of time to see what she wanted to eat. She didn't know. Women never know. I try to decide and she starts to disagree. I decide to pull up to White Castle and grab a couple of sliders. I'm at her house and she tells me she hates White Castle. Too late. I peep her trying to play like she's not hungry. I left my soda in the car. I go get it. I come back to see the whole order devored. Only Squidward could consume that many patties that quickly. My girl looking away tryna to look innocent. She got Pickles on her Tities and her mouth full like damn fam chew your food. Couldnt even bitch about it I wanted some ass. I'm now Cuddled up hungry af watching these playoffs when her ex texts her. I never met him before. She starts talking about him. I had to ask if he fucked. He did. Before she continued the White Castle had her fucked up. 20 minutes later she calls me. Tells me the toilet won't flush. I come to the bathroom and seen some fuckery. No way someone's shit should be longer than the Febreeze bottle. In the bathroom she's still talking about him. Damn don't you want your toilet fix? Trying to unclog the toilet I ask if his dick is bigger than mine. I'm confident. She calmly says it's about the same size of her shit. I had to take seat and revaluate my choice in women. Man she was getting forearm dick. I put the plunger down and just drove into the sunset. She not my girl no more. Harold and Kumar didn't go to White Castle for this. Neither did I.