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Lazy, Tinder, and Trash: Are u a film Producer? (DETAILS ABOUT MY JOB) How about you, what do you do? So you know a lot of famous people Have connections in the film industry I've met my share It's hard not to, in this business How long have you been in LA? So you can help me Are you in trouble? I need to get into the film industry Need is a strong wordWhat do you want to do in the industry? Actress What's your experience? Do you have a demo reel? I'm good That's going to be useful for you if you get some auditions. Usually you'll need to put yourself on video to get in front of casting agents. It also helps to have a manager. Have you looked for one? 6/19/2018 7:02 AM No Do you know any good ones? 6/19/2018 7:39 AM Yeah, I know quite a few. Used to work with managers every day. Do you have a resume? No but are u good at writing them? Of course I am, I have an incredible job I just want to make sure I'm clear... you want to be an actress, you are good. You have no reel, no resume, no manager. Do you have headshots? Not really but u can help me I've known a lot of Hollywood actors, and I can tell you that they all work extremely hard. Based on this conversation, I'm fairly certain you don't currently have the work ethic to succeed in Hollywood. Success is something you make for yourself, not something you ask a stranger for on Tinder. Good luck to you Sent This lazy piece of trash. Hot photos, no bio. Welcome to LA.

This lazy piece of trash. Hot photos, no bio. Welcome to LA.