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Emo, Fucking, and Funny: throughshadow-to-the-edgeofnight hellalambs ibroketuesday: paper-mario-wiki i'll never get over the fact that there's a movie called "snakes on a plane" and in that movie there's a line that is, verbatim, "ive had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane that is absolutely bonkers. that's ridiculous. that's like making a movie called "gators in the sewer" and having someone in the movie say "im getting really sick and tired of these fucking gators in the sewer" the funny part is that the alternate title was something mundane like "flight 93" and samuel I. jackson made the director change it back to "snakes on a plane bc he said it was the only reason he auditioned oh my god, the youth have forgotten that there was a huge viral phenomenon when t got wind of the working title snakes on a plane, and a) demanded that title be made official, b) CAME UP WITH the line about these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane, and c) GOT THE LINE INCLUDED IN THE ACTUAL MOVIE his movie w as being filmed, where the internet You forgot the part where three up and coming bands in the emo scene collaborated to write a song called Snakes On a Plane and filmed a music video of themselves smuggling snakes onto a plane, and it practically launched all of their careers If you think for one second of my worthless life I have forgotten "Bring It (Snakes on a Plane) released by Cobra Starship (2006) then you can think the fuck again It was right their in their name, too... cobras... on a starship Know your Hollywood history, kids
Anaconda, Apparently, and Carolina Panthers: Adam Saleh @omgAd. 2016/12/14 NEW VIDEO IS UP!! I Smuggled Myself On A Plane To Another City and IT WORKED!! (IN A SUITCASE) youtu.be/13yviQ2ByMU Tigerair Australia tigerair @ TigerairAU @omgAdamSaleh Nice try Adam, but definitely a few inconsistencies with this vid, namely the fact we have footage of you boarding the plane! 2016/12/14, 11:21 People act like this is so hard, I'm 15 and yea I do have a really high IQ (150s) and I can easily do integrated calculus in my head, and easily calculate the amount of valence electrons in a nucleus. And lI'm also highly trained in quantum physics, by the way I'm totally self educated Reply 12 There are no electrons in any atomic nucleus. 4h Boom! 1d Just ran into Harry Styles at the tigers game and he Gave me $100 to get him two beers and I took the money and left #sweartogod Harry Styles @Harry_Styles wasn't at the tigers game. Cool story though 8/18/14, 9:44 PM When we both all sleep ea s 66 433 1,009 Isaac Whittemore @6ixice Replying to @CharlinatorG so the bed bugs takin the photos 7:40イ 97 iMessage Today 7:20 PM Hey is this hannah? No sorry wrong number I was in Kent, Ohio at the bar 157 Lounge. Are you sure this isn't hannah? Yeah I'm a dude and I'm pretty sure my name isn't Hannah, she gave you a fake number, sorry Fuck you. I got to hook up with two hot sorority girls last night. They were both super hot. You were probably at home jacking off because your a loserYou wish you were like me don't you? I get any girl I want. They beg for me. Hahaha fucking loser. Except Hannah apparently Delivered iMessage buzzfeed: 17 People Who Lied And Promptly Got Called The Fuuuuuck Out