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Africa, Clothes, and Crying: Deported for the 2nd time this week.... @chakabars It's so hard for Africans to travel Africa.. (Continued from the last post) I'm still crying, I've never cried for this long. I'm been so hurt, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm feeling sorry for Africa. What am I going to do now, go back to slave privileges afforded by the destruction of African people. Capitalism was built on the destruction of Africa. I don't want capitalistic privileges, I don't want a European car, house, clothes, food or European racism. That in my eyes isn't success, I just want to be with my people in my culture in the lands that I was stolen from. Many people won't understand what has been done because they don't read enough about the subject, for all those about to cry privileged tears, talking about "Chaka you can't say Europeans!", I can and I did, sort your f*cking people out. Sitting on the fence talking about kumbaya, while Africa is raped and Africans are murdered by European police across the globe isn't good enough. If you are fighting racism then I applaud you, if you are European, and you take a stand to change things for the better then I applaud you, if you are just here for the memes and banter then you don't have a right to speak. As for f*cking white Jesus all over Africa, F*ck white Jesus, an invented white deity isn't gong to free Africans from white oppression. Neither is Islam, how are the African countries where islam is the main belief system structurally? They are messed up! How are you a religious leader and rich? You can talk all the Allah talk you want, what are you doing for Africans? What is use is there praying everyday but not doing anything. Look at what just happened at grenfell tower, look at how many Africans just died because of racism. We need unity... more below (If you make this about god I'll block you)