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Gif, Internet, and Love: THE TONIGHT SHOW JIMMY FALLO The Tonight Show Starring Jimm.. NBC Entertainment VOTE- <p><a href="http://fallontonightdrawn.tumblr.com/post/159418807777/fallontonight-so-excited-to-hear-that-we-were" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank">fallontonightdrawn</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="http://fallontonight.tumblr.com/post/159418456117/so-excited-to-hear-that-we-were-nominated-for" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank">fallontonight</a>:</p> <blockquote> <h2>So excited to hear that we were nominated for three <a href="https://tmblr.co/mQsUVpTni3eNjuQ7GjkLkFw" target="_blank"></a><a href="https://tmblr.co/mQsUVpTni3eNjuQ7GjkLkFw" target="_blank">@webbys</a>! We love you, Internet!</h2> <h2>Voting ends April 20, so if you feel like casting some votes, here’s where to do it:</h2> <p><a href="https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2017/social/features/best-overall-social-presence" target="_blank">Best Overall Social Presence</a></p> <p><a href="https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2017/social/social-content-and-marketing/entertainment" target="_blank">Best Social - Entertainment</a></p> <p><a href="https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2017/film-video/video-channels-and-networks/entertainment-channels-and-networks" target="_blank">Film &amp; Video: Entertainment Channels</a><br/></p> <p>Thanks so much for the noms!</p> <figure data-orig-width="370" data-orig-height="266" class="tmblr-full"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/a9deb2ed05cd4be04288bce4db971993/tumblr_inline_oo7ca43CQA1qgt12i_500.gif" alt="image" data-orig-width="370" data-orig-height="266"/></figure></blockquote> <p>VOTE VOTE VOTE</p> </blockquote> <h2>Thanks thanks thanks!</h2><h2>Keep it up, pals! You guys rule!</h2><p><a href="http://t.umblr.com/redirect?z=https%3A%2F%2Fvote.webbyawards.com%2FPublicVoting%23%2F2017%2Fsocial%2Ffeatures%2Fbest-overall-social-presence&amp;t=ZWQ2NzYyMDViOWJjNjExMWFjNzM5NGI2YWIzMmU5ODY2YjBkZWQzOSxsOTFVT2lUUA%3D%3D&amp;p=&amp;m=0" target="_blank">Best Overall Social Presence</a></p><p><a href="http://t.umblr.com/redirect?z=https%3A%2F%2Fvote.webbyawards.com%2FPublicVoting%23%2F2017%2Fsocial%2Fsocial-content-and-marketing%2Fentertainment&amp;t=NTljMTA3NTZmY2Q0ZWYxYzIwMjkzMDZmZThkYzZlZDIxYTYxNDA5YyxsOTFVT2lUUA%3D%3D&amp;p=&amp;m=0" target="_blank">Best Social - Entertainment</a></p><p><a href="http://t.umblr.com/redirect?z=https%3A%2F%2Fvote.webbyawards.com%2FPublicVoting%23%2F2017%2Ffilm-video%2Fvideo-channels-and-networks%2Fentertainment-channels-and-networks&amp;t=ZDkxNTgwMWU2ZWRkMmNmYmUxMjlkMzExYjFmYWViNTY1NmUxYmNmMixsOTFVT2lUUA%3D%3D&amp;p=&amp;m=0" target="_blank">Film &amp; Video: Entertainment Channels</a></p>

fallontonightdrawn: fallontonight: So excited to hear that we were nominated for three @webbys! We love you, Internet! Voting ends April 20...

Memes, Been, and 🤖: MOSH NOM RITTER "Mosh Pitter" magazine. Must have been a Slugfest show. From @jimibritches

"Mosh Pitter" magazine. Must have been a Slugfest show. From @jimibritches

Memes, 🤖, and Vandalism: NI VIETNAM WAR MEMORIAL NOM, R VANDALIZED TWICE INONE YEAR W STRALEY IL. CKITTRICK JNEWMAN, JC H. STROHLEINIMA STRONG HHUR MIMS Gl. JR. PHILLIPSME AAI SZEYLLERE.P MINOR Ch. STANCIL.K.L RJE. TEEL RL OSBORNE SUR R D LIKE IF YOU WANT THE VANDALS DEAD A memorial in Venice, Calif., for Vietnam troops who went missing in action has been vandalized with graffiti for the second time in the past year, sparking a new round of anger.“There’s just no respect for what this is,” Stewart Oscars, who lives nearby, says. “I’m just mad and sad.” Desecration of monuments of fallen for the country soldiers is the work of the same scoundrels that burn the American flags and flags of the Confederacy, mock the monuments to southern generals, mutilate their graves, rename schools named after Confederate heroes and call to erase the memory of the fallen in the Civil War. First the liberals will destroy all that is associated with the historical legacy of the South, and then they will destroy everything American - flags, monuments and graves of veterans. Unfortunately, the words "liberal" and "vandal" are turning into synonyms and challenge of the American patriots is to save the country from the liberal plague that wants to erase the country from the face of the Earth. Mockery of the memory of veterans should be immediately stopped. veteranscomefirst veterans_us Veterans Usveterans veteransUSA SupportVeterans Politics USA America Patriots Gratitude HonorVets thankvets supportourtroops semperfi USMC USCG USAF Navy Army military godblessourmilitary soldier holdthegovernmentaccountable RememberEveryoneDeployed Usflag StarsandStripes

A memorial in Venice, Calif., for Vietnam troops who went missing in action has been vandalized with graffiti for the second time in the pas...