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Life, Saw, and Steam: fandomsandfeminism There is a phrase used to describe people, often strangers, as "ships passing in the night." The phrase is meant to describe how fleeting the intersection of two lives can be, how briefly people we don't know can flicker in and out of our lives. But when I read about the Titanic, I think we can push the phrase further. Because sometimes, as you pass another ship in the night, you may hear a cry in the dark. A person in danger. A shout for help. Distress rockets and SOS signals wailing into the night. A stranger in crisis. And in those fleeting moments as your ship passes theirs, you get to make the choice- are you the Californian, the closest ship to the Titanic, which saw the distress rockets and saw the lights on the horizon and sat and did nothing; or are you the Carpathia, turning on a dime, pushing all steam to the engines, racing to help? We can not say for sure what caused the Californian to not help the Titanic in that night of crisis. Whether is was apathy or incompetence or fear, we don't knovw But we know that every single soul who survived the Titanic survived because of the Carpathia. Because the crew and the passengers of that ship raced nearly 60 miles through ice fields above their maximum speed in the dead of night, readying life boats, readying triage, to pull them from the water. So, yes, we are ships passing in the night, and when given the chance to turn away or do good, always err on the side of reckless compassion. concept: bystanders should be called californians.

concept: bystanders should be called californians.

Bad, Bruh, and Cute: Friday H:28 PM Itsa Motch! Hey what's up Just chilling. Waiting for the Obenauf's to kick in. Obenauf that's going to get you all soft and moist though That's the plan! You may should use extra I mean I have pretty big feet Yeah I might stretch you a little bit We may have to be careful not to rip you at all Will I need a trip to the cobbler if I meet you? Well I don't know what size you are but you may just have to I may knock the sole out TBH I probably need a good resoling already anyway That's okay broke in just means there is experience I'm high asf and not sure how I got to this point I mean seriously bruh, you're hitting on a pair of boots Man there are some kibler elves on my bed that are pole dancing so trying to fuck some boots ain't on me Bath salts or meth? Calm down shrooms Ooooh. Keeping it organic. Pretty sure there gmo But still carbon based Oh shit. The boots passed chemistry Just because I'm cute doesn't mean I'm not smart True true I'm not sure what's real right now I'm so glad I could be part of this experience with you. I'm real, Ryan. So very real. Lol then why you posing as boots or are you actual talking boots Whatever you want to be the truth That's gunna fuck me up Would you rather be talking to boots or a person pretending to be boots? What's your truth, Ryan? I have no idea anymore which is more terrifying How about a human/boot hybrid Oh god bad trip now Take a deep breath and imagine sliding your feet into me Let's not go down that road again I thought that was what you wanted Sent A dude on shrooms tryna get with old boots
Beautiful, Dancing, and Love: Verizon 1:57 PM * 67% So what did you mean by your inexperience? Inexperienced in many ways. I haven't dated many people, and I'm not very confident when it comes to sex Tue, Sep 5, 1:42 AM If I may it's kind of like dancing, in that when you meet the right person that won't matter at all You could have sex 1000 times with the wrong guy and still feel under confident. But one time with the right man who sees you and treats you with respect and you'll feel like a queen Tue, Sep 5, 7:20 AM That's an empowering thoughts Are you suggesting that you're the "right man"? Tue, Sep 5, 9:25 AM I have no idea, maybe yes maybe no Chemistry is important, and sex is not the end goal for me. It's like wine Great sex is amazing and can be really intoxicating but it doesn't fill you up without a real connection to someone else. Im not trying t To find anything other than a real connection. Laughter, adventure experiences, amazing conversations So I'm very curious about this beautiful girl on tinder who says she's looking for a hook up. That's very uncommon. Is that all you're looking for or are you looking for something more? Tue, Sep 5, 10:38 AM I'm looking for something more, ideally. But I have needs just like anybody else, so if "something more" is a while coming, I'd go for something less with someone who seems trustworthy. It does feel a little weird to put that out there, like I'm pimping myself out. Tue, Sep 5, 12:29 PM All I know about pimping is that it ain't easy I totally understand though. It just caught me by surprise :) I'd love to meet for a drink or tea some time, would you be up for that? Tue, Sep 5, 4:38 PM Sure. When/where? I'm usually available after 6 pm A Year Later, I Married This Girl

A Year Later, I Married This Girl