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Bad, Beautiful, and Community: immons Fando nge writeonthrough: An amazing gift and quality in people is when they’re able to turn a bad personal day into gratefulness for someone else. It’s one of the best coping mechanisms I’ve learned and I admire it when I see others using the same strategy. Not only does celebrating and thanking other people make others feel good, but it also makes yourself feel better by focusing on other people and not whatever troubles you have going on in your own life. I observe many us Fitzsimmons fans applying this strategy time and time again. And that’s one of the things I admire about Maria (@fitzsimmons-camsten). Her thank you post about having a bad week is one of the most beautiful and gracious ‘my life sucks right now’ posts I’ve read on Tumblr. She’s honest and pure and radiant as she writes a freakin’ beautiful poem about the light and destiny of friendships on tumblr; how we’re all specks of dust in the universe that are so lucky to have the chance to collide through the internet, making our worlds a little more bright and magnificent. Add to that, Maria writes personalize note to each of the people who have brightened her week in the same post. Maria’s fitzsimmons’ tag is full of greatness. She adds her own thoughts to each post’s tag, appreciating the artistry of the post she’s rebloging—sharing how other’s work has an impact on her. Maria is Fitzsimmons Angel: An outstanding member of our Fitzsimmons Community whose work is not widely known, but still manages to encourage, celebrate, and love the members (and their works) who might seem to have more of a presence in our community. A Fitzsimmons Angel spreads love throughout the fandom without asking or expecting anything in return, making the community a better place for all of us. So, be sure to send Maria some love today! Either by rebloging and or replying to this post or sending her a personalize thank you message.