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Giovanni was a good guy: Oh my God. It all makes so much sense now... This is Team Rocket They are a supposedly evil crime organization founded by this guy named But what are their real motivations? To steal Pokemon, right? Wrong Thats what these guys do in the anime In the games, they don't steal Pokemon. They run a reputable casino Their boss is a respected Gym Leader. They do steal two items from The Silph Corporation: The Silph Scope and the Master Ball. Why do they need these things? This guy Mewtwo, a lab experiment gone horribly awry, is a Psychic type so he's resistant to ghosts Giovanni knew he needed the Silph Scope so he can see the ghosts and capture one to defeat Mewtwo. He also needed the Master Ball to catch Mewtwo if all else fails. The greedy Silph Co. wouldnt part with these things when he asked so he had to steal them. However that isn't the end of the story. New information has come to light The Team Rocket motto reads thusly To protecr the world from devastation To unite al peopies within our nation To denounce the ewis of truth and love To extend our reach to the stars above Hmmm. Sounds familiar? Let's look at the other villainous teams of the Pokemon world How about these guys And these guys Team Magma and/or Team Aqua, depending on your version, want to destroy the world by using two legendary Pokemon to suit their needs Magma want to cover the world with land using Groudon. Aqua want to cover the world with water using Kyogre To protect the world from devastation what about the newest team from the far away Kalos region Team Flare are a group of elitist individuals who are all about style. Their leader, Lysandre, is obsessed with beauty and will destroy the world using an ancient weapon harnessing the power of xemeas or Yveltal to preserve its beauty at all costs. The members of Team Flare look down on others who arent rich or stylish like they are To wwte aWl peoples within our nation Getting it yet? Or should we take a look at these guys Team Plasma, who also dress like medieval knights, are a PETA-esque group founded by Ghetsis and N that want to separate the bond between human and Pokemon. They believe that Pokemon shouldn't be owned by humans and will go to villainous, exploitative ends to free Pokemon from their trainers, even releasing legendary Pokemon such as Zekrom, Reshiram, or Kyurem. This team has sort of a point about the flawed nature of Pokemon training even through their hypocrisy To denounce the ewls of truth and love And finally we come to this team Team Galactic is an evil scientific organization searching for the space Pokemon Palkia and/or the time Pokemon Dialga, depending on your version, in order to recreate the universe by their own means To extend ow reach to the stars above So, Giovanni was aware of the plans of these other teams. And he made it his life's work to stop them He is the real HERO of the Pokemon franchise He is the protector of the Pokemon world and tries to prevent the use of powerful, legendary Pokemon from destroying humanity Well, he wouild have been if you hadn't defeated him. This explains why the other teams gain power in their perspective territories Instead, he is le penniless and stripped of his Gym Leader title which goes to that pompous asshole Blue Gary Oak. Good job, player! Through your actions, you nearly caused the apocalypse 5 different times! Join Funnyma.com to be a Funker nou Giovanni was a good guy