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Rules of Consumption and the Fae Realmomg-humor.tumblr.com: nobby-posts ficklecandy sinfullucifer so you Know the rule in fairylands where you cant eat or drink anything or you'll have to stay there forever? does like.. .eating out/sucking dick count actualtrashbag holy f uck jane sinfullucifer its a serious question infoil-on-the-windows well like, the whole thing is that you cannot have consumed anything belonging to the fey realm. so, yes, probably, you would be stuck there. the same would apply if you just straight up ate a fairy sinfullucifer new question: would deepthroating count in this case even w/o swallowing infoil-on-the-windows no. temporary doesn't count, otherwise fairies would all be running about sticking their hands in your mouth to get human servants you gotta digest it. so like??? if you puke afterwards?? maybe it doesn't count? sinfullucifer huh! i wonder how long is enough time for it to be legit. like whatever goes through your stomach immediately condemns you no matter it you throw it up later? generallyhuxurious Well Persephone only ate 6 seeds so she only stayed 6 months, so maybe if you spat out most of it you'd just be condemned to the occasional day "BRB got go pay the two day toll for fellating a fairy." sinfullucifer "you wanna come over for the weekend?" "oh man im so sorry i sucked some fairy dick once and now i have to keep coming back to do it again- its a long story "you what now" the-negotiator i can hardly believe this isn't already the plot of an Oglaf comic sinfullucifer now that u said it im really surprised as well rainnecassidy what the fuck did i iust read Rules of Consumption and the Fae Realmomg-humor.tumblr.com