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Clothes, Friends, and Fucking: satanpositive Roses are red, that much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue feels-for-the-fictional I have been waiting for this post all my life marzipanandminutiae They are indeed purple But one thing you've missed The concept of "purple Didn't always exist. Some cultures lack names For a color, you see Hence good old Homer And his "wine-dark sea. A usage so quaint, A phrasing so old, For verses of romance Is sheer fucking gold So roses are red. Violets once were called blue I'm hugely pedantic But what else is new? ineptshieldmaid My friend you're not wrong About Homer's wine-ey sea! Colours are a matter Of cultural contingency Words are in flux And meanings they drift But the word purple You've given short shrift. The concept of purple My friends, is old And refers to a pigment once precious as gold. By crushing up molluscs From the wine-dark sea You make a dye: Imperial decree Meant that in Rome to wear purpura was a privilege reserved For only the emperor! The word purple', for clothes so fancy Entered English By the ninth century Why then are voilets Not purple in song? The dye from this mollusc, known for so long Is almost magenta; More red than blue The concept of purple is old, and yet new The dye is red So this might be true Roses are purple And violets are blue squeeful While this song makes me merry, Tyrian purple dyes many a hue From magenta to berry And a true purple too But fun as it is to watch this poetic race The answer is staring you right in the face Roses are red and violets are blue Because nothing fucking rhymes with purple. Roses are red
Energy, Facts, and Friends: Care to debate abortion? factori0 kiwianaroha prochoice-or-gtfo motherbychoice Nah Mood This reminds me of a party I went to last year. I was standing with some friends, chatting, and someone said something that indirectly implied that sexism exists. Some trivial recounting of the basic facts of daily life for most women. Something so mild, so uncontroversial, so mundane that I don't even remember what it was Suddenly, this man standing on the outskirts of our conversational circle piped up with "actually, I think men are more discriminated against than women these days." All conversation died l turned to look at him and he had this smug, insufferable grin on his face relishing this moment, expecting us to waste our time and energy refuting this ridiculous thing he had just said The Devil's Advocate was among us And, in my mind, I saw the next 15+ minutes playing out. The parade of facts and statistics in a vain attempt to defend ourselves, our gender, and to prove that misogyny is real. The glib, snide denials from some shithead who is getting off on our pain and frustration. The Gish Gallop of bullshit that would take a whole evening to properly dismantle. It was depressing and overwhelming. I hated it. I had to kill it before it began So looked him dead in the eye and I said "OK," shrugged, and just walked away Nothing I have ever said to another human being has ever been so crushing As I walked away, I watched the smug grin vanish and confusion and anxiety set in. The rest of the group turned their backs to him and carried on as if he had never spoken - as if he was invisible. He was still staring at me when walked over to another friend and told her what he had said. I pointed him out for her and made direct eye contact with him while we both laughed tl;dr: Don't feed the troll. Let it perish, cold and hungry, in the wasteland of your indifference. It is weak and you are strong. Live your best life Trolls dont deserve your attention