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Life, Tumblr, and Vision: NORMAL VISION DEUTERANOMALY PROTANOPIA TRITANOPIA ce NORMAL VISION DEUTERANOMALY PROTANOPIA TRITANOPIA NORMAL VISION DEUTERANOMALY e) PROTANOPIA TRITANOPIA <p><a href="http://tobeagenius.tumblr.com/post/157332646070/life-from-the-perspective-of-colour-blind-people" class="tumblr_blog">tobeagenius</a>:</p><blockquote> <h2>Life from the perspective of colour blind people </h2> <p><b>Deuteranomalia</b>: This is caused by reduced sensitivity to green light. Deutan color vision deficiencies are by far the most common forms of color blindness. This subtype of red-green color blindness is found in about 6% of the male population, mostly in its mild form deuteranomaly. <br/></p> <p><b> Protanopia</b>: Caused by a reduced sensitivity to red light due to either defective or a lack of long -wavelength cones (red cones). Some scientists estimate that being a protan is associated with a risk of a road accident equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of between 0.05 and 0.08 per cent. <br/></p> <p><b>Tritanopia</b>:  People affected by tritan color blindness confuse blue with green and yellow with violet.  This is due to a defective short-wavelength cone (blue cone). Whilst  Protanopia and Deuteranomalia are significantly more common in men, tritanopia affects both sexes in equal amounts.</p> <p><b> Monochromacy: </b>Only around 0.00003% of the world’s population suffers from total color blindness, where everything is seen in black and white. </p> </blockquote>