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Anaconda, Fashion, and Future: R.U. a Cyberpunk? cyberpunk l'si-ber-pungki n l: a late 20th century techno-revolutionary or someone who poses as such 2: a hard-boiled hacker with anarchist inclinations 3: a computer geek who likes Ministry 4: as seen in TIME magazine, a member of a counter-cultural "movement" of the same name. characterized by a combination of technological savvy with a rebellious lifestyle 5: Billy ldol's comeback album 6: someone who has delusions about living in the future 7: someone who maintains that mirrorshade sunglasses (last seen on CHiPs) never went out of fashion MONEY (NON-DIGITAL PAPER VARIETY) In the world of cyberpunk corporate espionage, it all boils down to this 40Z. VIDEO CAM-for use along with third eye. Test Dept release inside shoulder-surfing the passwords MICRO CAMERA hardcopy data (more proof the better) people in dark places LOGITECH HANDHELD SCANNER (SCAN MAN 32 FOR MAC) literary appropriations for own SONY PYXIs-longitude/latitude finder via satellites, Just where the hell are you, anyway! cyberpunk manifesto STUN GUN-self-defense (plenty offensive) PRIVATE EYE-essential for staying online 24/7 PAGER-yeah, sure, right COMBINATION IN BAG-last 3 issues of 2600, MONDO 2000'sA User's Guite, MONDO #1 chock full of goodies: torque wrenches, line- man's handser electronic lock- pick, shotgun mike, and the Demon Dialer VOLTMETER be prepared! SONY MULTIMEDIASONY VIDEO WALKMAN PLAYER(VCR) your third eye for realtime surveillance and watching your back CELLULAR PHONE VOICE CHANGERAPPLE POWERBOOK 18- kound lke anybody highly portable for jacking CD-ROM Pirated copy of Virtual Light inside low budget phone encrypting into anywhere, and for PGP key exchanges, etc. this time around From: The Spy Factory: Voice Changer, Phone Scrambler. 10x25 monocular, Minox micro-M camera, Stun Gun Sony: Sony Pyxis model IPS-360, Sony Portable Multimedia CD ROM Player model PIX-100, Sony Minidisc Player model MZ-I: Reflection Technology: Private Eye Super Circuits: 4 oz. mini video camera Logitech: Scan Man 32 for Mac. MONDO 30 20