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Memes, Precious, and Prison: [8x14 Recap] •I absolutely LOVED this episode! It had so much action and twists 👏🏻 •Damon died and came back to life too many times this season I swear 🙄 •Stefan came to apologize to Bonnie for killing Enzo but she still hated him and I can understand her 😔 •I'm glad Bonnie can see Enzo but it's just so depressing 😭 •I hate that Stefan just wanted to leave town •Cade has Elena's coffin now 😳 •Defan teamed up again YAY •The twins had issues with their magic and set something on fire ops 😅 •Kai singing in a bar was the best thing of the episode I laughed so hard 😂 •Damon and Stefan kidnapped Kai and brought him to the Armory hah! •I'm glad Daroline are friends now and can talk about problems to each other •Enzo told Bonnie to forgive Stefan and to let go of the hate, he's too precious and deserves better ugh 😭 •I loved how Damon played the big bro and tried to talk to Stefan about Caroline 👏🏻 •Josie and Lizzie's magic out of control because they are at the Armory and all the magical objects there make them crazy omg 😳 •It was cool to see Kai and Caroline interact but of course she couldn't trust him and he just escaped 😅 •Stefan wanted to kill Cade on his own 😳 he was pretty badass even if he's only human •Cade set Elena's coffin on fire and Bonnie felt that Elena's in trouble because of their bond wow •Kai wanted to go get the twins omg 😳 •Cade made Damon choose between Stefan and Elena's life and he chose to die to save them both I WAS BAWLING 😭 •Alaric fought Kai and Caroline snapped his neck yay what a badass episode 💪🏻 •Bonnie fought Cade with her psychic ability to save Damon and Stefan killed Cade with his dagger IT WAS EPIC 👏🏻 •I hope Stefan and Bonnie can fix their relationship •All these Defan scenes and the hug made me so emotional I missed it 😍😭 •Stefan didn't want to run anymore but decided to stay with Caroline until he dies aw 😭❤ •Josie, Lizzie and Bonnie put Kai in a prison world again omg poor Kai (I know he deserves it) •Damon looked at Elena aw 😭 •Kai talked about Katherine which means he knows her which means Kaitherine is kind of real ahhh 😍 SHE'S RULING HELL AND HER COMEBACK IS GONNA BE EPIC I CANNOT WAIT Your thoughts?