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Girls, Journey, and Run: Anonymous 01/23/19(Wed)04:49:15 No.12460541 insisted on knowing why my three- chapter submission to a literary agent was rejected >his assistant finally responded telling me the book was "overly fetishistic and lacked any kind of nuance or relationship with reality" 7 KB PNG asked her if I could edit what l'd sent them and submit it again with minor changes no response How do you even appeal to literary agents in this day and age? l he entire industry seems so rgged against anvbody with any originality or capacity for sincere expression :Anonymous 01/23/19(Wed)06:04:43 No.12460726 >>12460704 # A novel from the perspective of a boy who is crushed in his father's concrete plant and turns into a paving stone. It is his journey from there into the city where he observes a great many things as he observes the changes in the area where he is laid along a stretch of pavement, e.g romances, break ups, quarrels, gentrification etc. He learns to deal with people dropping chewing gum and cigarette butts onto him, and struggles emotionally when the street becomes run-down and more heavy-footed unkind people trample over him day and night. The story ends on a positive note, as he is transported to a seafront and reset on the pavement adjoining a beach, where barefoot girls and so on walk on him instead, making him happier and turning him into a man, so to speak. >>12460735 # >>12460736 # >>12460748 # >>12460752 # >>12460760 # >>12460789 # >>12460960 # >>12461047 # >>12461111 # >>12461154 # >>12461186 # >>12461234 # >>12461271 # >>12461440 # >>12461492 # >>12461521 # >>12461537 # >>12461627
Alive, Amazon, and Anaconda: Joie DeVEVO @donniemnemonic I HAVE FOUND GOD IN THE UNI BUY AND SELL GROUP uli Spark NZ令 12:09 PM L @ 100%(.)チ Vic Deals 53 mins "I've got a first date coming up with a cutie patootie babe and I don't know what to wear. I think I'll dress meek and demure. I don't want to make a statement" FUCKING WRONG FUCK THEM UP KILL THENM Size 15 rose gold gladiator stilettos for sale DESTORY HIM "Are you Gal Gadot? Are you an amazon? Why is that man worshipping your feet?" YES TO ALL THE ABOVE Shoes are for straight people who play couples tennis and get divorced 0 write a comment (GIF) Oo 3 post couples tennis and get divorced Rose gold gladiator stilettos are for invading Nazi Germany solo and walking out alive BURN THE REICHSTAG Bought from Asia so their "US size 15" is probably a real US size 13 Too delicate for my blunt Nordic hooves so I'm selling them and buying boots to go TRAMPING IN THE WILDERNESS INVADE FIORDLAND FIND THE MOOSE Paid $115 Looking for $80 Will sell for $50 if you include a short fantasy fiction (min 500 words) about woman who can turn into a dragon or a colour illustration of a woman turning into a dragon. SURVIVE THE WINTER OWrite a comment... Oo 3 ost "These shoes are a bold choice for a first date, what if he thinks I'm a slut" BURN HIS FIELDS AND SALT THE LAND YOU ARE THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS YOU ARE THE WHORE OF BABYLON MESSAGE ME 0 Write a comment GF)ⓞ > Oo butts-bouncing-on-the-beltway: somanyofthekids: I just needed to make sure more people saw this. I want those fucking shoes man
Bones, Dogs, and Love: @TheAnarchoRaver Proud boys are now selling clothing commemorating Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet, who threw his political enemies from helicopters and brutally tortured them in dea th campS.. They are yet again openly saying that they would like to do this too. NEW ARRIVALS MAKE CO MMUNISTS AFRAD ACOMMIBS SCRAFT AGAIN QUICK VIEW CAORAA Ant-Cmmunist lexit hat preochetdid nothing wrong umited -shir Oiginal Pboyapl pins PINOCHET NOTHING WRONG THE HIV According to Peter Kornbluh in The Pinochet File, "routine sadism was taken to extremes" in the prison camps. The rape of women was common, including sexual torture such as the insertion of rats into genitals and "unnatural acts involving dogs." Detainees were forcibly immersed in vats of urine and excrement, and were occasionally forced to ingest it.1015 Beatings with gun butts, fists and chains were routine; one technique known as "the telephone" involved the torturer slamming "his open hands hard and rhythmically against the ears of the victim," leaving the person deaf. At Villa Grimaldi, prisoners were dragged into the parking lot and had the bones in their legs crushed as they were run over with trucks. Some died from torture; prisoners were beaten with chains and left to die from internal inj execution, corpses were interred in secret graves, dropped into rivers or the ocean, or uries.1561 Following abuse and the-anarcho-raver: CW: graphic descriptions of torture far right threats of violence. They would love nothing more than to round us up and do this to us, and they’re very proud to let the world know that.. Stand up to these bullies! Don’t think that it couldn’t happen here!